Thursday, 5 February 2009

Fatalist or just pragmatic...

It is truly an odd world we have come to inhabit today, one which we inherited from our ancestors of old. Britain is an old lady and with age comes responsibility, we should be able to claim that because of our old age we also have experience yet that experience is certainly not present in the political hiatus that now impersonates the very ruling of a society which has forgotten its place in the world.

Take William Wilberforce he died in 1833 and he was possibly one of the greatest if not the greatest MP of the house. Whilst some embrace Oliver Cromwell as the arch-protector of Britain, he should be honoured naturally, but we should hold in even higher regard the work carried out by Wilberforce. Because what he did not only applied to Britain but to the world, he set in stone those old human values which today have but in name eroded. We can refer to them and people will have a slight idea of which reference we are alluding to but since common hospitality basic human altruism have gone, people are struggling more and more to put a finger on what precisely human decency really amounts to.

The work of Wilberforce is now being unraveled in the very house he set the wheels of freedom to work - so that the same Right Honourable gentlemen, of the 21st century, could see them undone. When will the next Wilberforce come along and claim back the powers bestowed upon the so long ago, when will another one give the less fortunate a say in matters political and when will another bring back hints of the fin-de-si├Ęcle morals and ethics that gave this people such admiration world around. This is of course not a call to bring back the class system or anything of that sort just some decency would be nice for a change.

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