Wednesday, 18 February 2009

How many hurdles are left?

It is not long before we should start counting the inevitable entry of the Lisbon Treaty which created the Unites States of Europe or USE. Regardless of the fact that the constitution (for that is, as well all know, the Lisbon treaty) previously has been rejected by French and Dutch voters and subsequently also by Irish voters albeit in a different packet (see Lisbon Treaty). What is stopping it right now then one might ask.

- There Irish government has arrogantly and undemocratically committed itself to have another referendum on the treaty. Clearly a no could not be accepted, hell that would be too much like democracy. You can expect that they will win second time around easily with EU money flooding the doors of the Irish in forms of commercials favouring everything European. Not exactly a fair set-up for a referendum, then again we are dealing with the EU here so eroding democratic virtues are nothing we should be surprised by.

- Some fool hardy individuals in Germany have launched an attack on the Lisbon Treaty claiming it is unconstitutional. Of course it is unconstitutional in every single way but their foolishness comes from them believing that they could actually win against the mighty EU apparatchiks, you cannot unless you have a head of state who is committed to actually doing something substantial about the EU nonsense. This is also a dead end for anyone hoping that this might but sticks in the wheels for the EU project, it has already been won by the EU.

- The Czech lower house today voted 120 - 61 for passing the Lisbon Treaty and even though the ODS claims majority in the upper house they will also eventually pass it, like so many other governments said they would not or would have a referendum. Hannan's rule tells us just that all parties are eurosceptic outside of government but once they enter that realm they gold plate every single directive and replace their spine shackles and proudly proclaim "yes, I am your bitch" we all know to whom they are talking to as well. Anyone who knows anything about European history will know that scarcely has a european election of sorts passed by without the EU having a dirty little finger to play in the game in the form of money, money and more money to spread their pro-EU propaganda in the country in question.

These are the three hurdles and they will be overcome be so sure.

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