Monday, 2 February 2009

Thouroughly Confusing

What is going on and what is happening?

Well lets just initiate this entry with a poll done not to long ago that showed that a large majority of the British population wants loser ties with the EU - what they were not told that in order to get this we would have to make concessions to the EU... that strikes me as contradictory logic: We want a loser grip with our master but our master has to get a harder grip somewhere else for that to happen. Whilst British fishermen are throwing overboard 800,000 tons of dead fish every year because of the Common Fisheries Policy (the TPA could tell you all about this..) - a rather unnerving feeling is starting to stir in the backwaters of society. Believe you me it is not only this writer who has started to sense this commotion but a fair few others.

The feeling is that of plain and simple, good and honest spine-work. When is Britain going to start standing up for herself again? The loss of empire does not men eternal incarceration by the rest of the world. Russia lost her 'empire' but 20 years ago she is already up and kicking and having a fuss with virtually everyone. Mockery aside when is the nation prepared to start thinking for itself in all matters politics. Time upon time are the people told what is best for them without even voicing their opinion or even that they might know what is actually best for themselves. No, whether it be American treasure hunters stealing British history - and getting away with it, or the EU imposing yet another law (we are told today that to date the EU bonanza has cost, in terms of regulation, the UK £150 billion pounds).

Why are they getting away with it? Certainly we know how to behave ourselves in the UK but that does not grant unsustainable levels of hospitality to anyone (and everyone) who tries to coerce the establishment into conformity. The Americans have a court-order from America saying that HMS Victory is theirs... how on earth can that bear weight over here? The Spaniards have already come to understand in what way the American treasure hunters view the history of Spain - with complete disregard for imperial history but solely in monetary means: the highest bidder may buy the history of Spain, because they say so.

And finally why is it that we (or rather the politicians) are taking orders from across the pond when clearly most people in their own country will have none of it. However it does not become of us to start grand revolutions in the name of this and that but people can only take so much ignorance from their masters before they act.

History ALWAYS repeats itself.

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Gewyne said...

"The Americans have a court-order from America saying that HMS Victory is theirs"

I am not sure if this is said in jest or not - I tried looking it up and found nothing. Is it true ?