Saturday, 31 January 2009

British Jobs for British Workers - Wait a minute (the EU would not allow)

Seeing as the other major bloggers of the great stratosphere that is the internet have not or dare not (surely not, their balls are bigger than that) speak of the great tidal wave of protests taking place across the country as this is being written. I shall not refer to place and time for have you made it to this blog unassisted then you are surely education enough to redeem yourself of any knowledge you might have missed.

One wonders should we point out to the mighty strikers and strikees that under EU law they cannot discriminate against foreign workers - it is not possible UNLESS the white omnipresent white elephant is tackled tet รก tet. Are we beginning to see the end of British associateship of the European Union, Thatcher had to tackle the Unions to rid the country of its malice back in the 80's for good or for bad it did jump start the economy. Perhaps it is time for the workers to regain their place in British Union history and rid the country of its malice only this time the malice is provided by Westminster in the shape of New Labour. True the Conservatives brought the EU upon the UK it is only fair that they bare the responsibility for reinstalling the British component of European Federal State.

Am I am little Englander you say, well thank you for those patronising thoughts they shall be returned in kind, on a further note however if I am to be called a little Englander them I am proud member of the other 35 or so million who also want loser relationships with the EU.

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