Friday, 6 February 2009

Blair please leave the Chair

Possibly we should thank Blair. He has created through his New Labour party some of the worst economic conditions the world has ever seen, landed the UK in two wars which the population at large does not agree with, taken the UK closer to the EU than any other PM before him (Maastricht and Major -no still not close, Rome and Heath still not close enough) contrary to popular opinion, slashed the armed forces and well why not post the full list it is easier:

Foot and mouth crisis (twice)
Farm payments
Pensions theft
Gold reserves (actually this was Brown's fault)
Tax credits
Iraq war
Under funded ill-equipped Forces
Home Office failures
Uncontrolled immigration (am I a racist for mentioning immigration, dear me)
NHS in tatters
School standards at the lowest ever
Thousands of knee jerk badly written laws
Rampant EU fraud
EU ignoring its own people
EU referendum promise reneged
Treaty/ constitution
Northern Rock
Lost data – child benefit and dvlc
Cash for Honours
Single families
Economy in complete tatters
First time buyers taken out of market
Rich and poor divide becoming bigger
Plenty of tax rises – both direct and indirect
Uncontrolled private sector
Crime out of control
Young deaths
Guns on our streets
Afghan war
Quangos controlling parliament
Financial crisis
Populist catholic (well he is just annoying me with this)

All in all (and there are plenty of more examples to be added to this list) Labour has destroyed this country beyond recognition. We now find Blair in America giving lectures about religion - this is a testament to his utter disaster and failure as a prime minister: He cannot lecture about one of the highest statesmanship in the world, he has to lecture about a subject which is completely irrelevant of his post as PM, religion.

What a useless man.

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