Thursday, 26 February 2009

They knew it all along

It was said that the public were not interested in the EU, that is was far down their priority list, that it was boring and not part of their lives. Well the latest report
find that reducing the powers of the European Union is second and providing more to help families is third and the first is lowering immigration. It can all be read in this article:

So how about it masters? How about it?

The really interesting and rather funny thing is that the incoming government wont do anything about any of these issues because they do not have the power not the audacity to do so. During their incumbent year we will see growing (more than now, much more) disgruntlement amongst the public. As sure as the EU flag is draped with stars there will be violence a lot of it and this is all the fault of the government. If the public wants less EU and if the public wants less immigration you damn well give it to them - it is not your place to dictate what is best for them or what they want. Went the coming government has become as unpopular as the current then, perhaps, we might see a radical change in the way we are governed. It will most likely not be Labour who takes the rudder nor a transformed Conservative party it will be someone much more dangerous who in normal times would never be allowed to hold government. But because we are "democratic" country we have to accept the auspices of the ballot box. This is where the governments fall.

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