Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Brothers in Arms

Apologies for very sparse blogging over the past few days, this trend will unfortunately continue until the next week as the university has decided to give all students on my course a "nice christmas present" - bastards...

Any who, the thought of the day is this; why is it only the Telegraph and the Spectator who are even remotely willing to look at the other wise of the Climate Change debate. They are the only two papers willing to speculate and consider the repercussions of the Climategate scandal while the rest of the media are publishing articles of scientists screaming down the dissenters, calling them heretics and 'flat-earth-deniers'. Mr. Columbus ought to give them a run for their money. Incidentally it was Gordon who called sceptics "flat-earth-deniers" which is akin to a overweight person calling an obese person 'fat'. Oh, the irony.

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