Thursday, 3 December 2009

My Good Friend Subrosa has been exposed

Sorrow - Bad Religion, A Tribute to Subrosa

'Exposed' is probably one of the scariest word for bloggers today. Why? Simple, we propagate our very strong views on the internet and very many people read our words (well not mine of course, but people like Guido, Iain Dale, ConservativeHome, Devil's Kitchen etcetera - you know, the big ones). What is even worse, what we say think and do is political and politics, as you know, is reserved for the elite we are merely the people - or sheeople for them.

Them, they, those, they have all but become inanimate objects to us, the are now the enemy, the one which our demos anger will eventually strike down in a fit of fury befitting a god like Thor. I pale in comparison to the writings of Subrosa, she left many witty and thought provoking comments on this blog which you probably know, is not frequented by many people. I am very thankful that she took the time to read my thoughts on the world as it is currently going from bad to worse, seemingly on a daily basis, with our "leaders" (I never elected Gordon, nor Van Roumpey, I never chose to join the EU, nor Ashton, nor the EU Commission and so on and on). The world needs people like Subrosa and what is even more the UK needs people like Subrosa who can effectively rip to pieces everything and everyone the government puts forth as 'representative'.

In her own words
"My identity has been exposed. Not only do the person(s) know my name they also know my full address .. why would any person .. go to the trouble of finding out my name and address for any other reason than malicious intent?

"[the person] is well known to be a great supporter of certain Scottish unionist bloggers or ex-bloggers"
I can of course offer the required verbal abuse which this person ought to receive and the physical which he should receive. But nay, neither will beseech him for he is undoubtedly part of the 'establishment' and can thus not be touched, sacked, fired or prosecuted - much like our political friends in Westminster. I am sure that if Subrosa found out that this grave injustice had been done upon one of her fellow bloggers she would have been up in arms swiftly and savagely - nothing less is befitting of vermin. If you want some proper verbal abuse of the person, I am not the one to offer it but another; Constantly Furious.

I did not always agree with Subrosa for I believe in the 'U' in 'United Kingdom' and I gravely think devolved powers will soon only leave an English Kingdom for us miserable people to dwell in. The difference is that with Subrosa, a proper discussion was had and one was not called xenophobic, racist, bigoted, condescending or any of the other standard phrases which the media use whenever they disagree with someone not to mention our government when they do - but the latter has another trick up their sleeve; they can make laws against people they do not like, and they do but since they are so magnanimously incompetent it matters little.

I would love to be able to splash my name around the internet with my political views attached to it like miniature balloons if you will, but I cannot for that would stop me from doing what I do now, protesting and exposing the infestation that has Britain in a vice like grip and shows no sign of yielding anytime soon. One day though, perhaps, I can make a post with my name as the title but that probably wont be until at least a few more decades of further misery imposed on us from above.

In the end though I can only offer my sincerest grief to hear that my good principled friend Subrosa is no more. Maybe she will come back in the future, we can but watch and hope. Which leads to my final question, do you think they can stop us all? Where Subrosa left off others will pick up and carry on what she tried to do; 175,000 new blogs are created everyday and you can be quite sure that a fraction of those are political and in the UK. If they will not listen to the people when they are discussing, they will listen to the people when they are screaming loud and clear with a vengeance.

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