Wednesday, 2 December 2009

How to Destroy a proud country

I stole this from, Fausty who reproduced it from John Ward.

Twelve NHS hospitals have been named and shamed, but the enquiry has no weapons of mass retribution.

The Scots are heading towards a referendum that will break up the Union.
An enquiry has shown that the Iraq War was illegal, aimed at the wrong enemy, and justified with a series of outright lies.

The Government is vetting half the population as a means of finding paedophiles, who remain as predatory and active as ever.

The Government wants everyone to have an ID card (and is about to start monitoring every communication we make) to catch Islamic nutters who will not be stopped by either move.

By Christmas, it may be illegal in Britain to publicly criticise homosexuals.
The police no longer care about real crime; there’s no money to charge criminals, and nowhere to put them if found guilty.

A quarter of all our schools are anything from ‘failing to useless’ according to Ofsted.

The IMF declares only one developed country to be in a more parlous financial situation than us: Argentina.

Britain’s financial services reputation lies in tatters. Our currency is falling in value, but our exports remain static. We are ‘coming out of’ recession more slowly than any other EU State.

That same EU State has just removed every member-country’s sovereignty without a single nation being asked properly whether they wanted it. The British people weren’t asked at all – despite both major Parties promising they would be.

The President and Foreign Secretary of the EU are unelected. So too are Britain’s Prime Minister and First Secretary.

Britain is now officially the most monitored and secretive State in the EU. Judges can split up families, send people to jail and ban the media from reportage – all without reference to anyone. We have the longest detention-without-trial period in Europe.

The internet and multiple retailing are steadily killing off every community outside the major conurbations.

Welfare will have to be cut, and taxes increased massively, in order to pay for an unprecedented fit of banking insanity. Not one perpetrator has gone to jail as a result of it.

The UK stock market is so over-bought at present, sooner rather than later another adjustment must come.

0% interest rates and QE have done little to stimulate the economy. The first has created an asset bubble, the second is inflationary.

Disparities in wealth have never been greater in the UK.

The break-up of family life and parental discipline has put 100,000 British kids into foster care, and many more in danger of neglect and abuse.

This is the New Labour project’s achievement – and all in just twelve years. Some £12billion a year is spent denying any of it is happening. Some £13 billion a year is about to be invested in GCHQ making sure nobody gets too upset about it.

David Cameron’s achievement as Conservative leader has been a failure to convince the majority that he could do better. Nick Clegg’s has been to make little or no impression on anyone.

In almost exactly thirty years, we have gone – at gigantic financial and social cost – in one big and extremely vicious circle.

I humbly suggest, ladies and gentlemen, that we need to ban the sport – not change the team.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Spitfire.

WRT homosexuals and other curbs on our freedom of speech, I suspect Brits will resurrect Cockney rhyming slang (or similar) and develop metaphors that will defy the Righteous. ;)

Brits have always been creative in that way.