Tuesday, 15 December 2009

If we hadn't joined the EU in 1972 would we not inevitably have done so later anyway?

This has been prodding my mind for quite sometime now; the arch nemesis of the British state Mr. Heath took Britain into the EU in 1972 by signing the European Communities Act. However what I have been wondering is that even if we had managed to stay out in 1972 would not eventually some socialist fender bender come along and shove us in there eventually?

Consider that Attlee's government were considering joining the European Coal and Steel Community after WWII, but they had the foresight to see that it was "a blueprint for a federal state". Now this is not to say that Heath knew less, he knew more, he knew exactly what was going to become of the UK in the EU why he put on the charade of lies masquerading as the truth in front of the gullible British public. Mind you, those were the days when there was actually something as political integrity so I suppose the electorate could have been forgiven for being naive enough to believe someone as odious as PM Mr. Heath. But they swallowed the bait all right.

But if Heath had not succeeded in entering the UK in 1972 is it not then highly likely that some future government would have pushed for it equally vigorously? People often cite Norway as a good example of a state who managed to fend of the EU hegemony. When it was proposed that Norway should join the EU the Fisheries Minister resigned in protest because he knew what it would do to her waters if it was opened up to foreign fleets, that which has happened to ours completely and utterly destroyed, where waste and rampant mothballing of entire fishing fleets are a daily occurrence - while the continentals are pulling in the big bucks. Well, I suppose it does not really matter in Spain's case when your national debt is well about your GDP. But that aside, this area along with all the others is a very one sided coin which always faces towards Europe. I am not going to go over yet again why we should leave, it has been done far too many times.

But as a final remark let me say this I think our entry in the EU was inevitable as is our exit because this simply cannot continue. There was always going to be some politician who was audacious enough to gamble away 1,000 years of sovereign history on the strength of 'harmonisation' - that word, which I am sure, leaves as a bad a taste in your mouth as it does mine.

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