Tuesday, 1 December 2009

What what? British Law supreme to ECHR rulings, apparently

At least if we are to believe Dominic Grieve, the same man who said he would resign if Britain pulled out of the 1955 European Convention on Human Rights, fully implemented into British Common Law in 2000, as introduced by the Human Rights Act 1998. But now according to Mr. Grieve something else is a foot...
Mr Grieve said in a speech that the current Human Rights Act had been “interpreted as requiring a degree of deference to Strasbourg that I believe was and should be neither required nor intended”.
Instead, he said, a new Bill of Rights - which would replace the Human Rights Act - would make clear that British courts could allow for UK common law to take precedence over decisions by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Most likely completely useless since it does remove the Convention which has been paramount to the destruction of the British Judicial system after the flaming act came into force in 2000. What I find even more astonishing is how he intends to go about this business since on my time we became fully fledged EU citizens 16 minutes ago, at the writing of this entry, and from then on EU law, where the ECHR is incorporated, is supreme to UK law.

Maybe this is part of cast-iron-dave's eurosceptic agenda? What a joke.

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