Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hail freedom of Speech and, lo and behold, Christianity for once won

I just wanted to make a quick remark on this story. Where a district judge questioned the character of a Muslim convert as he dismissed the case against husband and wife Christian hoteliers who she claimed had deeply offended her new-found religion. However it is the very last part of the article I take question with, it said (my emphasis)
"There has so far been little evidence that Mrs Tazi’s experience has echoed within the wider Muslim communities, especially across the northern conurbations. But a group of young female Muslim students, who attended the trial, said this may now only be a matter of time.

One 18-year-old medical student at Liverpool University, who asked not to be named, said: “People are shocked and angry. This decision is going to make them even more upset.

“Mrs Tazi just comes down for breakfast wearing a head scarf and they start racially abusing her. They have just dismissed it as if it is nothing.”"
I must thus wonder what hope in hell does this little ignorant minx have of growing up as a normal person when she thinks that the above was a RACIAL crime. Maybe she should learn what race actually means before she throws the word around with regards to RELGION. Stupid little witch.

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