Monday, 24 August 2009

You remove my porn, I remove your head

I shall be leaving for a few days but have been grumbling on the same question for some time now, one which I would like to share. How long can you really, as a government, ignore the wishes of the electorate without force?

Clearly Communism managed to do so for a good century almost, some like North Korea are still continuing the puppet show. But what about us, we who supposedly are democratic?

It comes as no surprise that New Labour have destroyed also the cabinet government whilst in the hands of Blair and Brown. Fair enough, you really have to give it to them; they have beyond doubt paid great attention to every detail. They have managed to destroy pretty much every thing, part, department, essence (I am not sure which word to use to collectively refer to the British way of governing) and soul of British government.

In fact they have done such a fine job than when they are not at the helm of the leviathan, Brown is currently on holiday and Tony is hopefully miles away from the UK, the country is doing just fine without them. 'Fine' is an understatement, we are doing quite well for ourselves. The FTSE's up, the weather's nicer and we've won the Ashes. Not too shabby one must commend.

But the problem is that once David enters Downing street not a thing will work. How do you de-politicise a civil service, a civil service of the same magnitude as the British one - bloated to the brim. Returning to Cabinet government from a sofa government (as coined by Tony Blair) is like returning to Athens from Sparta can it even be done or are we forever more destined to have those awful presidential type campaigns as epitomised by France and the United States. I dread at the mere prospect. The EU is such an obvious obstacle to any form of meaningful government that it is pointless to even mention or discuss its function, meriting it with its existence is to admit to its function - that of stripping away national parliaments; bit by bit.

This is what it really burns down to though: how long can an elected government ignore the electorate without the use of force?

I shall not publish a thesis to the effect or tune of this question. All I can say is thank god for bloggers. There is at least one blog committed to every single malaise in Britain today. If it is not a blog it is a think tank or charity. Safe to say there is no escape for anyone in the public light. What is even better, people are turning more and more to the internet to decide for themselves if what they heard on the BBC or read in the Telegraph was what actually happened. They could stop us of course, they could create some form of the Great Chinese firewall and name it Hadrian's Firewall Mark II. But unlike the Chinese that probably would lead to riots in Britain: You remove my porn, I remove your head.

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