Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A return of....

Well upon the shores of Neverland it was thus that I return to you know to deliver yet again the stifling criticism that this government seems hellbound to impose upon itself again and again and again... you get the drift.

Hollies are over and we have many interesting zenits coming up the most important in my opinion the second completely undemocratic and quite frankly insulting vote on exactly the same treaty; Lisbon.

Whilst this impending democratic projection (read "farce") cannot be halted we should take great pride in two facts as to regards to the reverberations in the UK;

1. The Conservative Party conference (the big big one) takes places after the vote. Seeing as the Irish are being drowned in "yes" propaganda seemingly without balance not to say an invicible "no" camp after Ganley's withdrawal - I think we all know what the outcome will be.

2. If Cameron does not give the British people a referendum or decides to take a route which ostencibly is not very very eurosceptic he will loose votes, and he will loose a lot of votes - if word gets out that he is siding with the continentals, out goes the majority. If he does not give a referendum the coming year will mark the entrance of UKIP into mainstream British politics.

As they say across the pond; the ball is in your court Mr. Cameron.

Addendum: The picture is of an actual poster employed by Fini Gael last time around, I think you can sense the desperation within Irish eurocrats.

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North Northwester said...

Welcome back 13S and quite right- he'll lose mine