Wednesday, 19 August 2009

It has begun

I am always ever so quick to point out my thesis about the future political life in Britain, I am allowed to do this because I am center-right person who is unaffiliated and unbiased /sarcasm.

For the thesis:
Less than 10 months from now the Tories will seize power but in 4-5 years time when the next general election is to come people will have realized that they were as shit as Labour were. In fact they are New Labour just a different cover. People will then vote neither Tories nor Labour - the New Labour ghost from the past 12 years will haunt the Labour party for at least two decades. What will happen next is anyone's guess.
It has begun though be so sure of it. Rows over the NHS, Cameron has decided to push up the price on drinks, when 50 pubs are closing a week. It is a way to raise money surely, but not the right way. What is more they seem to care little that they have an ongoing campagin called 'Save the Great British Pub' - quite how the above story fits into this picture one can but wonder.

In essence the people of Britain, the normal people, 'get it' whenever politicians seem to be doing something good, the backlash is always felt by the people who it was unintended for. Never mind the Quangos and the EU who cost us billions, never mind the extraordinary waste within military procurement, never mind our subservience to the United States-we are still poodles- and never mind that MPs get a six figure salary. No, savings are to be at the expense of the people.

An interesting analogy to make is that of Saudi Arabia. Whenever the Sheik is to appear to be more conservative than he already is, that is to say to become even more fundamentalist (do not confuse 'terrorist' and 'fundamentalist' they are completely different things) the women are the first to 'get it'. Women in Saudi Arabia cannot even drive a car, whenever reform comes to Saudi Arabia it is at their expense and to their detriment. They are not even allowed to go outside alone.

We are not so very different from Saudi Arabia, we have some form of "democracy" but who could honestly claim that Parliament cares what we think? How many laws have been passed over the past 20 years at our expense to make us more dependent on the state. How many CCTV cameras are there today in the UK? The number '42' suddenly takes on a whole new dimension in the UK. You see we are not so different; whenever they attempt reform the women get it, whenever we attempt reform we get it.

Addendum: I am not sure what socialist purpose this horse shit could serve but it is the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, who knows? (apparently pubs are not closing at all, it is a lie)

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