Sunday, 16 August 2009

British Politics...

Do not be shocked, she represents British Politics today.

I am on the brink of posting an exceedingly long post about English Common Law and EU law and their interrelation and the fact that they are swingers, both of them - but the EU is the nasty one, the one that brings AIDS.

Anyhow not wishing to say too much about this whole ridiculous business surrounding the NHS, clearly displaying what level our MSM is at. The one thing I hope this will be is deliver a blow for the Tories as well. I know I often claim and prove that Labour are the arch enemy of Britain but to be fair the Tories have been as complacent in their duty as HM Opposition, I have been unfair in my biased criticism and I seek to resurrect this mistake.

If this whole business does have my desired effect then hopefully by the time our meaningless General Election takes place, people will be so wondrously disillusioned with the main three that they will look elsewhere. Hopefully we will see a breath of fresh air in Parliament, the once proud institution who epitomized Britannia with her Trident standing tall, with a firm hard look upon the world, not afraid to make the tough choices. Depressingly we now have a drunk adolescent prositute posturing as our Parliament.

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