Saturday, 15 August 2009

Mr Hannan for UKIP?

Judging by the mood of the blogosphere and indeed the journalists most people are thinking (and saying so) "fuck off Dave at least Hannan has an idea different from New Labours's, what do you have?" Quite.

What does Dave have? Well he wants to preserve the status quo of the NHS, chuck 106 billion pounds out the window (not really though but a lot of it is pure waste) and you get the NHS. What is rather more intriguing is that a lot of people be they UKIP trolls or not, seem quite intent on voting UKIP in the upcoming general election.

Well here "is" UKIP that is to say here it what used to be the Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, RIP.

  • UKIP will leave the political EU and trade globally and freely. We will re-embrace today’s fast-growing Commonwealth and we will encourage UK manufacturing so that we make things again.
  • We will freeze immigration for five years, speed up deportation of up to a million illegal immigrants by tripling the numbers engaged in deportations, and have ‘no home no visa’ work permits to ease the housing crisis.
  • We will have a grammar school in every town. We will restore standards of education and improve skills training. Student grants will replace student loans.
  • We will radically reform the working of the NHS with an Insurance Fund, whilst upholding the ‘free at the point of care’ principles. We will bring back matrons and have locally run, clean hospitals. (<---- Look!, Look! Dave it is policy that is what it looks like I shit you not!)
  • We will give people the vote on policing priorities, go back to proper beat policing and scrap the Human Rights Act. We will have sentences that mean what they say.
  • We will take 4.5 million people out of tax with a simple Flat Tax (with National Insurance) starting at £10,000. We will scrap Inheritance Tax, not just reform it and cut corporation taxes.
  • We will say No to green taxes and wind farms. To avert a major energy crisis, we will go for new nuclear power plants on the same existing site facilities and for clean coal. We will reduce pollution and encourage recycling.
  • We will make welfare simpler and fairer, introduce ‘workfare’ to get people back to work, and a new citizens pension and private pensions scheme insurance.
  • We will support our armed forces with more spending on equipment, military homes and medical care. We will save our threatened warships and add 25,000 more troops.
  • We will be fair to England, with an English Parliament of English MPs at Westminster. We will replace assembly members like MSPs with MPs. And we will promote referenda at local and national levels.
  • We will make customer satisfaction number one for rail firms – not cost cutting and will look seriously at reopening some rail lines that Beeching closed. We will make foreign lorries pay for British roads with a ‘Britdisc’ – and we will stop persecuting motorists.
  • Last, but never least, we will bring in fair prices and fair competition for our suffering farmers, and restore traditional British fishing and territorial waters.
Wonder if Dave knows...

(Here is what will happen in the end tough; if four or five years time when the next GE is held, people will have had time to conclude that the Tories were as shit as New Labour. A lot of fringe parties will get seats, a lot, they will form a coalition government and from whence the UK will be governed - that is to say the remaing 3-4% which is left to govern). Fun Times ahead.

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