Thursday, 13 August 2009

Until the end

Having a very fatalistic spell today; reading too many books about bad things, too many articles about bad things and generally there seems to be no hope. I know that in the end we will sort ourselves out for it is the only option. But one cannot help but feeling let down with a glance at the state of the nation. We commonly like to eclipse the demagogues-turned-around at Whitehall, Brussels and ultimately "Imperial" America for crushing the UK with their ever so stampeding heels of power. But really though, who gave them that power? We did and even if the current government and the incoming government think it a 'whim' of the people for daring crave a repatriation of those powers, they will listen.

If democracy is eventually untangled in the future and we are indeed to be ruled by autocracy and bureaucracy, will the people stand for it? Recall the American Revolt against King George III, he did the wrong thing, the same thing which is being duplicated by Whitehall and Brussels today - prey they continue for the end is nigh for their kind; the kind which mocks democracy, shuns the people and above all have a ill conceived notion about their moral authority.

Central government is a fine idea if it has the backing of the people. But if it does not than search elsewhere for ways to mend the vices of the country and alleviate the virtues, do not relabel your ideas and think you wont be found out.

No, I am of Britain and I will stand alone if necessary, with my people, no matter how you attack me. I know what probably bothers you most is that I am really a nobody, an inconsequential flawed individual like so many others, but I will not be denied my voice as a citizen or see others denied theirs.

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