Saturday, 18 April 2009

What a thought I had

I just had this positively amazing lapse of mind (it must have been a lapse of mind since no one else can have thought of it). What if, and please bear with me on this one it is quite a tough nut to crack, there was a party out there that actually dared to speak? Truly speak not the kind of ad hoc politics they are currently engorged in but rather fundamentally at a grass-roots level talk about the topics that most do not. I say most and the I obviously refer to New Labour, The Conservatives and the party-without-a-purpose Liberal Democrats.

What if they actually did say something (clearly they mention each item briefly, now and again, in some dusty boring policy paper with no real relevance to the issue at hand) about the issues that people really really REALLY want to talk about:


I call them the triangle issues because of the geometrical shape they resemble when typed in the fashion above. Is there a party out there that wants to talk about these things? Well yes it is the BNP but they add an element of race into everything which make them beyond contempt in my opinion but can one really claim that the all the other race associations out there are much better, how about the BPA (Black Police Association) - are they not discriminating as well, clearly they are. The BNP are loonies. But they are loonies with an agenda and they unlike the three despicable main parties actually do enage in the triangle issues which makes them dangerous, regardless of what their opinion of the issues might be, the very fact that they dare to undertake an exegesis of the issues at all, speaks volumes about their courage (despite the fact that they are racists pigs) when taking into account the other parties' stance towards the triangle issues. If it really came down to it, they would all most likely, be more than happy for the EU to assume responsiblity for all those issues - this way they can engulf their clever minds in issues of greater importance. What these issues are I am not sure.

I might just be stark raving mad myself but I thought that if you were a politician, who runs your country would be rather important. When 85% are externally imposed, well possibly that is a bad thing. I do not know I am just musing on like the rest of us. In this ripe old age of "Global Terrorism" where pirates are stealing all our TVs of the coast of Africa and the guilty of the financial crisis are sent on a bonus holiday - ought not Defence be an issue for a politician? I thought that if you were a politician then your duty, first and foremost, was to protect your electorate let the ends justify the means as long as they are safe. That would be a tad altruistic I must admist since the British armed forces have been in steady decline since the 1990s. They must have thought, back in the day, that the Evils of the world would disaper with the bye-bye of the Gulag-socialists in Borstch land. Britain is the the third most populated country in the world, but lets let some more people in before we sort out our domestic problems such as housing, benefts, schooling and all that not-so-important stuff - this makes sense in LibLabCon world.

Well if it makes sense to them them maybe I should not complain since they know what is best for us; the hoi-polloi.

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sarcasm indeed