Saturday, 4 April 2009

Them vs. Us

I will not provide any links or any sources of any sort in this post, well possibly a few we shall see. Rather ponder on the philosophical aspect of the current place in the political space that is apparent in our minds and certainly on the telly. This government must be the worst government Britain has ever had I cannot think of any previous government that was worse. You might say 'well, hey hang on a minute Thatcher did a lot to screw Britain over did she not?' and I concede she did a lot to screw us over. But one has to consider the fashion, manner and purpose of the economical rape she performed upon us back in the 80s. She did it with the belief that Britain would be better of because of it, she even took on the EU and had them hand money back to the UK for having initially overcharged us but refused to give the cash back. Well, she got it back. The difference between BlairBrown's government is that they do not give two hoots about what happens to the people of this country once they are gone.

It is not an issue for them that they have chronically massacred British society in every way possible it seems. It does not seem to be an issue that they slashed troop numbers by 50,000 since 1997 but are now fighting two wars on a peace time budget. It does not seem to bother them at all when selling of public property to greedy corporations who have nothing in mind, people and liberty the last at least, but to make more and more money - even in these times. They don't seem to care that 14,000 laws have been created since they entered office but 10,000 have come from the EU not the UK. I can go on and on and on but I think you are beginning to get the overall trend here; the best interests of the nation is not at their bequest and I am struggling to think what really is. Is it finance? status? power? massive pension? a paragraph in a history book (suffice to say BB and Co. will be remembered as arch traitors not arch saviours as they seem so keen on branding themselves)?

What drives men to so completely abandon their entire people and engorge in utter political madness? This is a tough question that I am not to sure that I can answer. But even more, to add a sub clause, why the hell is Whitehall joining in on the circus? It is if they are trying to make fools out themselves. Whom with their balls in the right place and marbles as well, would even jokingly suggest removing British history from the National Curriculum and in its place insert Wikipedia and Twitter studies? I cannot possibly comprehend anyone so magnificently stupid, yet clearly before my eyes I read that a very senior civil servant has done just that - the fellow has even got a knighthood, not that these mean much these days and we can thank New Labour for that one as well.

Even the MoD, the once so proud institution, is fleeing the battle field and leaving our few soldiers to do their bidding best they can with the shitty equipment they are handed. It is a good thing, at least, that they have more courage and valour in their index than white hall officials have in their entire bodies. Even if your leadership is a Labourite debauchee retard does not mean that you, as a member of the British civil service, have to abandon your good common sense when it stands between you and delivering the orders of Labour HQ. There was a time when good sense prevailed but when military procurement has reached such a ridiculous level of politification I cannot help but think 'where will this lead?' - will our tanks and planes have the next goverment's logo tattoed upon their armour? Or even worse, the logo of the corporation who is currently leasing us their tanks...

Is it really such a surprise that people are looking to the BNP to sooth their anguish, heal their sorrows and for once not have salt poured into their wounds as seems to be the normal response by Labour whenever something goes wrong; they mess it up even further. This may be a cliche lost upon most but it cannot be over stated, the kind of cross roads we are heading for, if Westminster does not shape up its act (and you can be as sure as night follows days that Cameron will be the next Blair, so not much luck there) then they truly will have civil unrest at their hands and what is worse some people want civil unrest, they surely even crave it for anything is better, currently, than a 'democratically' lead nation under 'one' law where we can be 'free' and 'happy' and despair not for we know that the state will put our best interest before any of their own.

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