Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A tad of strife

We are going to borrow more than £700 billion over the next five years, under New Labour Plans. Civil war anyone, before a cup of chai?

There is a rather interesting parallel to be drawn here, that I think few have yet to realise.
The previous President George W. Bush and his administration borrowed more money from foreign governments and banks than the previous 42 U.S. presidents combined. This Government will borrow, this year and next, £348 billion which, as David Cameron pointed out, not only doubles the national debt but exceeds the total borrowing of all previous governments put together, over the past 300 years. These are some astonishing figures not in the least because of the money involved but the measure of human inadequacy - it is almost beyond belief that some people are this mentally deficient.

With the rather reactionary opinion of mine above, one thing is for certain: pressure for an early election will grow. Perhaps even larger cracks in the Labour armour? I am not so sure, if there is one thing Brown has shown it is that he puts himself and the Labour party before Britain itself. He opitimizes a leader who has completed a gross violation of allegiance, trust and confidence, mind you he did that a long long time ago but this may just have been the final straw.

Will we thus see mounting pressure for an early election or a motion of no confidence? I sincerely with all my heart, with every inch of my body hope so but I know that this government will contradict me yet again. They will stand fast until next election when Britain has not only gone to the dogs but her carcass, even her shield and her trident, have been devoured by those beastly creatures sanctified by New Labour.

Cameron and Osborne have yet to say anything about dropping the 50p tax ... do not bet on it. If they realise that they by some miracle will keep this rate then, again, I must ask you; what are you conserving? It is not Conservative values. Truly.

To Argentina, if you want those islands back, now is the time to grab them for there is no way in hell that Britain will respond be so sure of it. Just thought you wanted to know.

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