Monday, 20 April 2009

UK Fishermen = EU Don Corleones

I cannot write a proper entry about this issue, even though it has been kicking around for some time, because every time I try I end up in a fit of fury, rip my keyboard out of its socket and crushing it on my knee results in two keyboard(s) - subsequently having to buy a new one. Thus the whole business of this issue is rather costly on my behalf, perhaps I should get anger management or we could just quit the EU suffice to say that the latter would be infinitely cheaper.

UK fishermen are not drug dealers. - This is all I shall say and bid the EU a good day for having effectively, yet again, thwarted detection by the greater populace of Europe. But rest assured, one day they to will wake up. When they do pray that you are on a gravy train far far away from Europe.

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