Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ad hominem article backfire badly

An ad hominem arguments consists of appealing to the character of the source of the argument, rather than the substance of the argument itself. This trend can be seen very clearly in British media with regards to the BNP-though still vile racist pigs-the media cannot attack their policies for they are wildly popular amongst the electorate or are at least growing exponentially in popularity. We read that the BNP has the most popular political website in the UK. That is a cause for concern. The BNP are growing up. Since they are rising to fame rather quickly one cannot respond with old dead-beat adages about the BNP or their characters, it does not work, it is not popular and quite frankly you look like a right dick when you, a supposedly respected British news paper, cannot come up with anything better than this kind of bollocks for a BNP-blitzkrieg. I do not support the BNP but that is just ridiculous.

If you want to make a grown up attack on the BNP attack their policies and have them defend them. Simple. Crash and Burn is the most likely outcome.

But the issue is not the BNP, it is the Times' foray on the BNP which is quite frankly not acceptable in the manner it is presented and for its journalistic bias - words which are mutually exclusive.

1. The Times refer to a "war book" that was leaked and-horror-internal. The little booklet is freely available to download on the BNP website.
2. Would this kind of journalism ever touch the sacrosanct main parties, would they ever comment upon body parts of the government? Highly unlikely. Jim Diggory of Worcestershire, in the comment section points out that:

It is interesting to compare the thinly veiled hostility towards the BNP enshrined within this article with its uncritical reference to Searchlight, a Marxist organisation having criminal connections both past and present, closely associated with the Labour Party.

3. The more spotlight they get the more attention the get and the more clicks they get... This is clearly brain dead and biased bollocks. They do not seem to comprehend that the more negative criticism they bestow upon the BNP the more angry people are going to get about their journalism for being so utterly and completely partial. At the time of writing there were 19 comments posted on the article. I have read one which was appreciative of its contents.

The BNP are open, even wanting, for criticism and the best a professional news outlet could produce was an article about skinhead-hiding. Pathetic.

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