Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Acts to Crap on and the Scrap

I am sitting here watching today's PMQs after having had an enjoyable but hard day at the pub, working during the England game. Now, I am looking at my wall and there I see a paper. What paper is not important rather what is on it, it has to do with employment and about one fifth of the paper has to with my race. This is because employers are forced to monitor their employees' race under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000. You will recognise the date as being part of Labour's ignominious era as government and as such our ignominious era for having the misfortune of having them as our government.

If the coalition is truly serious about 'change' and being fucking 'progressive' (I hate hate hate, that word) then this is the first act to burn.

The fable that was New Labour

The moral lesson that we could, nay, should learn, is that never ever let the Labour party in, to ruin the country again. You can blame the banks, you can blame the recession, but most of the problems have been caused by two very bad prime ministers, and one very rotten Labour party.

Of course the one thing we are certain to learn from history is that we wont learn from history. We will continue to vote for mentally challenged people ad infinitum. Gnarl...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

James Delingpole the attack dog - love it!

Are there really no depths to which ManBearPig-worshippers will not stoop in order to shore up their intellectually, morally and scientifically bankrupt cause?

Apparently not, as we see from the latest “study” – based on a petty, spiteful, Stasi-like blacklist produced by an obscure Canadian warmist – outrageously aggrandised by being published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (Hat tip: Watts Up With That)

The study examined 1,372 scientists who had taken part in reviews of climate science or had put their name to statements regarding the key findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Scientists were grouped as “convinced” or “unconvinced”, and researchers examined how many times they had published papers on the climate.

The results showed that “unconvinced” scientists accounted for just three of the 100 most prolific authors on the subject, while papers by “convinced” scientists were more frequently cited in other research.

Well, no s***, Sherlock. And might this have anything to do, perchance, with the fact that – as the Climategate emails made abundantly clear – “unconvinced” scientists were deliberately shut out of the peer-review process by the “convinced” ones?

And how many scientists, with bachelor of science degrees or higher, have signed the Oregon Petition expressing doubts about Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)? 31,000 plus.

And how many of the supposed 2500 climate scientists responsible for the IPCC “consensus” were actively involved in the sections to do with AGW? 53.

And how many scientists does it require to successfully falsify – ie prove wrong – a shabby, tired old theory like “Phlogiston”, or “Geocentrism”, or “Dangerous, unprecedented Man Made Global Warming?” One.

But guess how BBC Radio 4 reported the story this morning? Yep. “98 per cent of scientists support global warming theory.” (Hat tip: Nick Mabbs)

Then again, since when did we expect any kind of honesty or decency from the Warmists? Have a look, for example, at this great analysis by the National Post’s Lawrence Solomon on how Warmist propagandists are using their useful idiots in the MSM to exaggerate the level of public credulousness in AGW.

In a New York Times op-ed, which has been much crowed-over by warmists, a Stanford university professor called Krosnick argued that – contrary to the impression given by every other opinion poll in the last three years – the majority of the US public is fully behind measures to ruin their economy in the name of combatting climate change.

In our survey, which was financed by a grant to Stanford from the National Science Foundation, 1,000 randomly selected American adults were interviewed by phone between June 1 and Monday. When respondents were asked if they thought that the earth’s temperature probably had been heating up over the last 100 years, 74 percent answered affirmatively. And 75 percent of respondents said that human behavior was substantially responsible for any warming that has occurred.

For many issues, any such consensus about the existence of a problem quickly falls apart when the conversation turns to carrying out specific solutions that will be costly. But not so here.

Fully 86 percent of our respondents said they wanted the federal government to limit the amount of air pollution that businesses emit, and 76 percent favored government limiting business’s emissions of greenhouse gases in particular. Not a majority of 55 or 60 percent — but 76 percent.

Solomon explains here how Krosnick rigs his questions in order to “hide the decline” in public support for AGW lunacy.

The best question of all, Krosnick found, came from adding an assumption of pessimism:” What do you think will be the most serious problem facing the world in the future if nothing is done to stop it?” When put this way, 25% of the public responded with “Global warming/the environment.” Krosnick doesn’t tell us how many of that 25% choose global warming versus the myriad of other environmental issues, such as air pollution, food and drinking water safety, wildlife and species protection, farmland or woodlands protection.

Krosnick recommends that pollsters ask his 25% question, believing it will obtain a result more useful for policy makers. He also chastises the press for interviewing global warming sceptics along with global warming advocates, saying this creates in the public mind the impression that the science is not settled on global warming. 6% of articles on global warming last year included the views of sceptics, a percentage Krosnick evidently views as too high.

Krosnick gets different results than other pollsters do by asking questions that some might consider bizarre. For example, when people told him that they didn’t believe global warming was happening, he asked them to pretend they did by asking them, “Assuming that global warming is happening, do you think a rise in the world’s temperature would be caused mostly by things people do, mostly by natural causes, or about equally by things people do and by natural causes? He then lumped the pretend response from people who don’t believe in global warming with a similar question asked of people who weren’t pretending about their belief in global warming. The result of the merger of these two groups was: 30% blame global warming on humans, 25% blame global warming on natural causes, and 45% believe humans and natural causes are about equally to blame. In the New York Times oped, Krosnick summarized this finding by pretenders and believers as “75% of respondents said that human behaviour was substantially responsible for any warming that has occurred,” even though many of those 75% didn’t believe that global warming was happening at all.

So when dealing with the Warmist lobby, always remember these helpful tips: sup with a long spoon, know that they’re lying from the fact that their lips are moving, and when they leave, make sure to count your fingers and your silverware.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Masterpiece by Hannan again

Here it is and oh how familiar it is, so many left-wing students and always -always- the same response when discussing the EU: 'you are racist, BNP-voting xenophobic c*nt'.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pub Update

13th Spitfire is now officially a bartender (I know, cool right?) at a local pub. He is very happy, so much so that he is going to continue with this ridiculous third-person narrative. The German coat-of-arms is just there for good measure.

Moreover, as the euro continues to dance on the brink of calamity, the people responsible for the deepening debacle have finally come up with a scheme that will save it once and for all. It’s a cunning plan that draws heavily on that old joke about a European heaven and hell. You’ll be familiar with it: in heaven the police are British, the cooks are French and the engineers are German; while in hell, the police are German, the cooks are British and it’s all organised by the Italians.

You can be sure that whichever way the EU goes it will end in tears. Hurray!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Line of the Day

If information indeed is power, then GCHQ is undoubtedly the closest thing the British government has to the Death Star.

On a separate note, I grew up near a forest (well 'in' is probably a better word to use) so this is an issue that I hold dear. Hence, here is a paper on 'UK Trees and Forests' - probably not the most interesting read for city dwellers or perhaps it might be? (Try to ignore the Global Warming bollocks) Most of the UK used to be covered by forests but now it is only 11.8% (or 2.8 million hectares) which is still an improvement on the 5% which was the case during the First World War, for obvious reasons.

And thus we regress

Plans to take over 20 failing schools and turn them into new technology colleges for 14 to 19-year-olds were unveiled by the former Education Secretary Kenneth Baker yesterday.

So... he is going to create Polytechnics - again. The same type of fucking schooling removed by John Major's government.

It is good to see that the new administration is being 'progressive'.

In essence they might as well not have taken away anything at all then, 20 years ago, and then perhaps the entire system of education in GB would not be so hopelessly buggered.

Talk at the IEA

So I was at a talk today at the IEA (Institute for Economic Affairs) which was... interesting. No, it was actually really good, though it was not really a debate since well, the speakers were not so much debating, but agreeing with one another on pretty much everything and each of them just making a little speech to celebrate the occasion of their, erm, speech.

The topic of the day was 'Can a big society be a free society?' naturally referring to the "Big Society" policy which Cameron whipped out a few weeks before the election much to everyone's surprise, since no one had a fucking clue where or why that came from. But out it came and it was a big policy disaster from the beginning to the end ("5000 voluntary community workers" it must have slipped Cameron's attention that there are already some 600,000 people doing voluntary work in this country - retard). And the speakers broadly agreed on this it would seem; all wanted a smaller state, some wanted no state at all and others thought that the surveillance state was just a big joke. The most interesting guy by far, and the most convincing, was someone in a pink shirt who's name escapes me and his point was basically 'can the government just leave us the fuck alone, please' and I agree with that. A century years ago the only time you met the state was when you were born, to get registered, and when you died; to take you off the register. Simples.

Anyhow, it was a good talk with some absolutely retarded questions in the Q&A session - it must have escaped some of those attending that this was a libertarian talk and here we have a guy who basically said that crime had gone down under Labour - and by doing so actually confirming his almost unbelievable naivety in believing government figures. No one believes government figures on anything, and everyone assumes they are lying to make them look better - even the proverbial 'man on the street'.

Then there were the two fucking loudmouthed cows in the back... I fucking hated them and had a good mind of telling them so as well. First they started of by completely disrupting Dr. Eamon Butler's opening speech by opening a fucking window, a loud window, a very loud window, and these were a couple of figures in their late sixties who really should know better than to interrupt someone when they are speaking, particular if it is someone who has been particularly invited to fucking speak! But no, on they went for a full 1.5 hours interrupting people, and speakers, when they were trying to talk and when they were trying to ask questions. The chairman had to shut them up a couple of times and so had some of the questioners as well. They really made a fool out of themselves. They rounded of their pathetic existence by making a little tirade where one of them basically said "bla bla where I live everything is so nice and we all get along, the aussies, the south africans, this and that bloke la la la la, there is nothing wrong where I live" (then the other one patted her on the back and said "good good you, well done" whereas I wanted to knock her clean out) - seemingly oblivious to the fact that the rest of the fucking country does not live in bat-woman-eutopia and that the rest of us (well, not me really since I am student and all we do is get pissed, supposedly, and spread STDs - if the media are to be believed) actually have some pretty serious issues that need some serious responses from the people in power. I really hate them, and I was unfortunate enough to be standing quite close to them as well.

All in all though, it was a good seminar well worth going to and I recommend that you attend the last two debates which are held on the 24th of June and the 29th of June. I will be there, 'banging on', as it were about the EU which incidentally not a single one of the speakers mentioned tonight. I was going to point this out but then the fucking loud mouthed bastard in wig went off on her 'ohh everything is so lovely where I live' - speech. She was what could be called an academic terrorist.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What we could have bought for the foreign "aid" money

My friends over at Think Defence paint a nice picture of what we could have bought if we had not given £2 billion to India over the past 10 years. You know the country with its own space program who are buying more C-17s than we are.

£2 bn. would have bought us e.g. 220,000 prothetic legs. Could be useful what with all those pesky IEDs lying around.

Furthermore might I suggest that we raise one large middle finger to the Yanks in the West (particular the Democrats with Obama in the lead) and another massive piss off to the EU to the East of us. It would seem that we are currently being caught in the middle, and parties appear to be taking turn in screwing us over.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Pub Update

13th managed to go to a full of three pubs before he was offered a tryout session which will most likely lead to a job since 13th is not a mong. 13th has printed out 10 CVs which he intended to give to potential employees, turns out only three of those were needed.

Alas it took me in total 30 minutes to get a fucking job. WTF, is everyone else doing who are on the dole (I am not by the way, I am just a bored student on holiday)? It is a matter of work snobbery some people think they are too good to do manual labour or wait for other people, that they should be waited for. That they are too good to do certain chores and it is precisely that attitude which is killing employment prospects. When I went to these three pubs the first one had no vacancies but the second did and they seemed almost surprised, but happy, that I came to ask them for a job as if it was quite an uncommon thing. Likewise the third pub, who gave a me a tryout session on the spot -the woman did not even read my CV- and this has thus left me wondering... if it took me 30 minutes to get a job, a person with little or no bartender experience, why is it impossible for the rest of the millions to get of their fat arses and go out and look. The whole "there are no jobs" is a complete lie - there are loads you just have to find them.

Rambling notions of the past [Blur + Blair]

I just watched a documentary about Blur. This in itself is spectacular for two reasons; 1) I have not watched TV since Christmas and 2) it turns out that life in general was a lot more honest back in 1995. I suppose what will not catch your attention is my TV watching habits which are a bit unorthodox - if you find some spare time give me a call.

No, what really struck me after having watched that documentary was how life was so wholesomely different only 15 years ago. We did not have all the fancy gizmos we do now like mobile phones, this computer from whence this little anecdotal essay is being written, nor mocha-chinos in every corner shop. There was not this general zombie-like obsession with possession. You were not socially castigated for not having the latest iPhone or the latest fashion from Paris or New York, it seemed that it was more accepted to just be yourself.

It would appear to my mind at least that one of the potential reasons for the financial crisis we are in right now has been overlooked. Could it just be that the reason the markets are doing so badly is because we do not need anymore pointless shit, we have enough, our houses are filled to the brim with junk, really, that we simply do not have any use for. I had a conversation that with a friend yesterday and he was formally shocked when told him that I only buy things (i.e. not go on random shopping sprees) when I need things. What is the point of having 30 different t-shirts and 10 pair of jeans? This is not an onslaught on capitalism but rather an advocacy for responsible consumerism; what we are doing now is sucking the soul out of people. We pretend that to be something you have to have certain things. Celebrities go to gala parties in £25K dresses and what are you supposed to say to that? A mere mortal as you are? £25K for a fucking dress?


But what more struck me about '95 was that people seemed to be wearing basically only what made them happy. There was no uniform dress code which you would adopt in order to fit in. Now I cannot with hand-on-heart say that I think people should dress differently, women of my age are doing a formidable job in drawing attention to themselves and for that I salute them. However, what I do wonder is this; do they really want to wear all that or are they doing it just to please everyone else. Lets not pretend that males have anywhere near the same social pressure to dress appropriately, so if you are from the Equality Commission you can piss off. Rather, would it not be better if there was not this social stigmata against independence of thought? Why are people more brainwashed by the media today than they were 15 years ago? Surely the internet cannot have had that big an impact and with the dawn of the celebrity culture... Why do people want to be like them? They have nothing to their name but scandal and contort, no desirable virtues and only the worst of vices. They drive everything from government policy to Olympic planning. This used to be a country or art, culture and above all good taste but now it is one of celebrities; those that are famous for being famous.

But really going back to the documentary could it just be that back in the day we were just a bit more upfront about our intentions? We said what we liked and if someone disagreed then so be it. We wore what we did and if someone disagreed then tough luck, same thing with food and entertainment.

But now...

I cannot smoke where I want because it is not allowed anymore

I cannot wear what I want because if I do I will be labelled anti-social and provided with an ASBO

I cannot say what I want for in this culture of hypersensitivity I am sure to insult someone

I cannot write what I want for if I do I will be sued for libel

I cannot question what I want for if I do I will not "conform" and ensuing character-assasination is as sure as Saddam's beard.

I cannot drink what I want for if I do I will labelled a drunk and the prices raised to prevent me from drinking anything but lemonade

I think life was more honest because the word 'progressive' had not yet entered into mainstream parlance. And the group of progressive had hitherto been hiding in the shadows waiting for the opportune moment to seize the day and the people. When someone declares themselves a progressive, my hackles rise. What they mean in reality is that everyone else must be forced to bend to their vision of society, to conform to the socialist utopia they espouse, to be a good little prole. Progressives have no place for independently minded individuals. Progressives are the enemy of individualism, and are, therefore, the very essence of misanthropy. They choose to forget that society is composed of individuals. Progressives are to be despised utterly and completely. Perhaps, most of all is their mangling of the language. Progressives do not want progress, but regression to the dark days of the cold war eastern bloc style of living – the tractor stats will always be going up, despite the enslavement of the population and the collapse of the economy. There is nothing progressive about a progressive, just as there is nothing liberal about a liberal.

Perhaps the best way to finish this little tour-de-force is with a comment on the 'rant'. What used to be perfectly legitimate and sensible commentary on issues which certainly were important to the great majority of people have now become 'rants' and the diminished status which accompanies this particular form of essay. What today for the most part, to me at least, passes for informed and serious debate is cast aside by the media and a lot of bloggers as 'rants' purely because they refuse to listen to what is being said. Where does the imaginary line go between a 'rant' and a 'informed comment' why has the former completely engulfed the territory once housed by the comment? If you complain about something today it is automatically labelled a rant. All papers do it, most bloggs partake in this form of self-censorship and the readers, as a result, do not take the content seriously and merely go on to the next point on their reading list without actually taking onboard the gist of what was read. Like the Tories' favourite phrase "don't bang on about Europe" this is what results from labelling everything a 'rant'; people get pissed off by not being taken seriously. We will bang on about fucking Europe and the EU because it is fucking important, it might not fit your little shitty political agenda but that's life - deal with it. Just because you do not take an active interest in them does not mean they wont take an interest in you and more importantly us, those of us who have to live with the legacy of your incompetent helmsmanship of the country.

Blur might not have been the most suave of bands and they certainly indulged in a lot of profanities at the best of times. But at least they were real, and so were their fans. Could the same thing be said of Lady Gaga?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Victory! Royal Tournament Returns

It is one of those strange days when you realise that someone at the top has been listening to a few of us at the bottom (and some other people at the top as well of course). If you have a look on the right you will notice a widget with a link which has been there for well over a year. What you do not know is that I have emailed a lot of people with regards to reinstating the tournament including Dr. Fox and the previous Defence Secretary and have had talks with that dubious American Captain who really should not be in the MoD (I told him so and to that mail he did not reply). However today is a one of celebration for they are going to reinstate the tournament.


The government takes 1/3 of what you earn...

Not cool. Regular readers will know that 13th is looking for a bartender job (CVs are going out tomorrow) and he will earn a measly £6 an hour at best, which is fine, I am there for the experience not the pay, but it is annoying that the fucking government will take the money I earn to collect glasses and give it to people who cannot even be bothered to lift a single fat fucking finger. Social security by all means but at a price of £120 billion? Come on... at least act like there is an incentive for people to give a shit about tomorrow's bread (which they currently don't since they know the nice pretty little government is going to give them a nice little cheque).

In Czechoslovakia, in communist times, manual workers earned more than their more academic counterparts i.e. the engineers and scientists. Because it was deemed more honourable in communist society to do manual labour instead of thinking labour. Manual labour is indeed very respectable but we have the situation in Britain where neither manual nor thinking labour is good enough for some. Where their share of the cake has to literally arrive on their door step for them to be content. You fucking lazy bastards (naturally excluding those who are trying to find jobs) a plague upon all your houses.

How do you do it? You real people who work and earn money. I have worked before at a few places but it has only just dawned on me where my tax credits go, and the more I read about it the angrier I get. How do you all stay sane knowing full well that your hard earned cash is being guzzled up by some lazy wanker who cannot be arsed to get a job? I bow before your superior composure.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


13th notes that the PC-brigade is completely bum-shagged now that the entire country is literally veiled in patriotism. 'England is racist against ...erm... England? Take down that flag your racist swine!' - it doesn't really work now does it?

I do not really care if England loses or wins, preferably they would stay in as long as possible because it will make life so much more miserable for the PC-Guardinistas and when they are unhappy I am super happy. Think about it really, there is always cause for celebration when socialists/communists are kept well well away from the helm of influence. They would love to label the country racist, all of it, and then stand upon their fake pedestal of self-righteousness. Only problem is that if you run up to a bloke now and call him racist he and the 20 other fellas with him will probably laugh at you and then pour their lager on your face.

Friday, 11 June 2010

World Cup

Football - A gentlemen's game, played by thugs.
Rugby - A thug's game, played by gentlemen.

And here is a very incisive piece from Old Holborn which I completely agree with.

With every government comes a new education system for our children as a few dozen Parliamentarians decide that their version of how to create a model citizen is better than the last version.

Millions of innocent lives are blighted forever as social experiments crash and burn, trillions of taxpayers money is thrown into the black hole of State Education with little or no regard for the outcome and Lordships awarded for the ones who do the least damage.

The latest Government is about to undertake another massive "experiment" with the lives of our children safe in the knowledge that they only have to pick up the glory if it works, not the blame if it fails. We'll have that to worry about if it does with unemployment, crime and poverty, not them. They'll be sitting in the Lords with a golden pension, bank account stuffed and CCTV on their expensive homes whilst we put bars on our own windows to protect ourselves from monosyllabic ferals with no hope of ever functioning as a rounded human being. No wonder Diane Abbott sent her kid to a private school.

So why do we always do it? Why do we always fiddle with the system? We KNOW what the successful system is, we used to have it here before we gave a few dozen politicians the chance to play God with our kids futures. Remember the following:

Posh Independent

Technical College

Put bluntly, the brightest kids went to Eton, smart kids went to Grammar and the mongs went to the Comp.

Brainboxes went to University, technically good kids went to tech and normal kids went to Poly. It worked.

Industry and commerce knew exactly where to find the people it needed and we flourished. We made things. Ships, cars, aircraft. We produced Scientists, Engineers, creatives and entrepreneurs. The rebels could study art and many of them did exceptionally well at it. We ruled the world in fashion, music, photography, film making and art.


The Germans have an excellent education system because Politicians can't get their hands on it. It is based on three types of school.

The Gymnasium is designed to prepare pupils for university education and finishes with the final examination, Abitur, after grade 12 or 13.
The Realschule has a broader range of emphasis for intermediate pupils and finishes with the final examination, Mittlere Reife, after grade 10
The Hauptschule prepares pupils for vocational education and finishes with the final examination, Hauptschulabschluss, after grade 9 or 10

See that? And what does Germany produce? Cars, ships, power stations, railways, aircraft, infrastructure. No fucking about in Germany. If you're thick, no WAY are you going to University to study to become a Nail Technician. You'll do an apprenticeship at 17 that will pay pretty much bugger all and then you'll get a job that will keep you and your family fed for life. We used to do the same here until the Socialists decided that was not the way to a progressive future.

And all because Germany has the courage to say to it's citizens
You're smart, you're average and you're thick. worry, we have something for all of you
And most of all, they keep their education system away from the clutches of Politicians. Their kids are far too important for a few dozen idiots to ruin. It's time we learned to be honest with our population again. We OWE it to them.

Whilst we import German cars, kitchens and machines because they are so fucking excellent, I can see no better argument for a return to sanity in our education system. Who knows, in 30 years, the Germans might be buying our cars whilst they push bits of imaginary paper around a banking system for a living.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A break in the cake

Summer has arrived, exams are finished, ensuing woe has arrived and politicians are fucking everything up as usual. Quelle surprise. 13th has a long and relatively boring summer ahead of him but summer it is nonetheless, contemplating the many pantones of life and the surrounding embroilment. What this is really just to say is that during the summer this blog will probably not be very active but will kick into overdrive again when term starts. No doubt there will be an awful lot to write about; my personal favourite would be to see the coalition fail, the EU fail or the euro fail. It would be equally lovely if Greeks got their economy going again but that does not seem to be on the agenda. Also, if the Japanese could sort their lives out would bring joy to 13th's heart.

Somehow writing in the third person and hoping grand elusive schemes to happen is not going to do anyone much good so perhaps a dose a pragmatism is needed, nay, required. When the budget is released on the 22nd of June the only thing which will really bring my heart to a standstill is the defence cuts. No doubt they will seriously bugger it up. There are 6 million public servants in this country and we probably do not need half of them but we do need the 0.3 million people who make up the armed forces - sadly in its quest for spending cuts the grand coalition has set its ax on a peace time defence budget which is somehow to be used to fund a war. Instead of squeezing the £120 billion social security budget they will lay it into the defence budget, certainly there are savings to be made but it would just be so much easier to tell a couple of million people to get of their fat fucking arses and get a job. There are none you say? Funny that, 13th is stuck for a month in his university town and figured that instead of doing something boring and related to his degree he would get a job in a pub. A bit of trailing the great World Wide Web showed that there were in fact more than 1,500 such jobs on offer. Funny that. These might not be jobs such as CEO of BP or Head of BA - but actually require some physical input from the worker. It is a sad indictment indeed when the nation which produced the world's greatest (and largest) empire has to import bar staff because its own people are too fucking lazy.

Well, that was my June rant I suspect so until later have a lovely summer.