Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A break in the cake

Summer has arrived, exams are finished, ensuing woe has arrived and politicians are fucking everything up as usual. Quelle surprise. 13th has a long and relatively boring summer ahead of him but summer it is nonetheless, contemplating the many pantones of life and the surrounding embroilment. What this is really just to say is that during the summer this blog will probably not be very active but will kick into overdrive again when term starts. No doubt there will be an awful lot to write about; my personal favourite would be to see the coalition fail, the EU fail or the euro fail. It would be equally lovely if Greeks got their economy going again but that does not seem to be on the agenda. Also, if the Japanese could sort their lives out would bring joy to 13th's heart.

Somehow writing in the third person and hoping grand elusive schemes to happen is not going to do anyone much good so perhaps a dose a pragmatism is needed, nay, required. When the budget is released on the 22nd of June the only thing which will really bring my heart to a standstill is the defence cuts. No doubt they will seriously bugger it up. There are 6 million public servants in this country and we probably do not need half of them but we do need the 0.3 million people who make up the armed forces - sadly in its quest for spending cuts the grand coalition has set its ax on a peace time defence budget which is somehow to be used to fund a war. Instead of squeezing the £120 billion social security budget they will lay it into the defence budget, certainly there are savings to be made but it would just be so much easier to tell a couple of million people to get of their fat fucking arses and get a job. There are none you say? Funny that, 13th is stuck for a month in his university town and figured that instead of doing something boring and related to his degree he would get a job in a pub. A bit of trailing the great World Wide Web showed that there were in fact more than 1,500 such jobs on offer. Funny that. These might not be jobs such as CEO of BP or Head of BA - but actually require some physical input from the worker. It is a sad indictment indeed when the nation which produced the world's greatest (and largest) empire has to import bar staff because its own people are too fucking lazy.

Well, that was my June rant I suspect so until later have a lovely summer.


James Higham said...

The world in terms of bar staff.

subrosa said...

Have an interesting summer and gear yourself up for next year. It'll possibly be tougher than this one. :)

13th Spitfire said...

Subrosa, you are always tough!