Monday, 14 June 2010

Pub Update

13th managed to go to a full of three pubs before he was offered a tryout session which will most likely lead to a job since 13th is not a mong. 13th has printed out 10 CVs which he intended to give to potential employees, turns out only three of those were needed.

Alas it took me in total 30 minutes to get a fucking job. WTF, is everyone else doing who are on the dole (I am not by the way, I am just a bored student on holiday)? It is a matter of work snobbery some people think they are too good to do manual labour or wait for other people, that they should be waited for. That they are too good to do certain chores and it is precisely that attitude which is killing employment prospects. When I went to these three pubs the first one had no vacancies but the second did and they seemed almost surprised, but happy, that I came to ask them for a job as if it was quite an uncommon thing. Likewise the third pub, who gave a me a tryout session on the spot -the woman did not even read my CV- and this has thus left me wondering... if it took me 30 minutes to get a job, a person with little or no bartender experience, why is it impossible for the rest of the millions to get of their fat arses and go out and look. The whole "there are no jobs" is a complete lie - there are loads you just have to find them.


GoodnightVienna said...

I'm glad you're getting on well with your studies (yes, I am watching for news of those results!) and have found an interim job. It's true that there is work out there for those like you who are capable and fit in ((I, for example, wouldn't).

Remember those older than you who have been made redundant, who have worked all their life in one skilled sector and have no other qualifications.

It's fine for a student to take barwork but bars don't want an out of work, skilled engineer with a family & mortgage and permanent jobs in that particular sector are not so easy to find.

13th Spitfire said...

VIenna, you are right I have perhaps been a bit careless in my critique of the work force. My annoyance is obviously not with skilled labour workers and those that have been made redundant more the people of my age and above say 20-35 who refuse to work because they cannot be arsed. Those that really take the mick are those who refuse to do anything and expect for some reason or another that everything is supposed to be served on a silver platter for them.

Also I had to put on quite a show to "fit in" as you say, that required a lot of preparation.

GoodnightVienna said...

My apologies, 13th. I shouldn't have been so quick to pick fault. I hope your haircut has remained intact.

Mrs Rigby said...

Good for you, and good for the landlord/landlady who looked at you and not the bits of paper in your hand - that way she couldn't turn round and say you were 'overqualified' for the job.

I hope it works out and you're able to go back there again during other holidays too. Bar work can be fun.

13th Spitfire said...

Thank you Mrs Rigby for your kind support. The whole point of me going to a bar is that I do not want to work with that which I am trained for - not yet, I will spend my whole working life with that and it would just be fun to do something else before I jump onto that bandwagon.

I am not doing media studies by the way... It is a traditional subject, and potential employers require you to have at least one degree in this subject before you start.