Sunday, 13 June 2010

The government takes 1/3 of what you earn...

Not cool. Regular readers will know that 13th is looking for a bartender job (CVs are going out tomorrow) and he will earn a measly £6 an hour at best, which is fine, I am there for the experience not the pay, but it is annoying that the fucking government will take the money I earn to collect glasses and give it to people who cannot even be bothered to lift a single fat fucking finger. Social security by all means but at a price of £120 billion? Come on... at least act like there is an incentive for people to give a shit about tomorrow's bread (which they currently don't since they know the nice pretty little government is going to give them a nice little cheque).

In Czechoslovakia, in communist times, manual workers earned more than their more academic counterparts i.e. the engineers and scientists. Because it was deemed more honourable in communist society to do manual labour instead of thinking labour. Manual labour is indeed very respectable but we have the situation in Britain where neither manual nor thinking labour is good enough for some. Where their share of the cake has to literally arrive on their door step for them to be content. You fucking lazy bastards (naturally excluding those who are trying to find jobs) a plague upon all your houses.

How do you do it? You real people who work and earn money. I have worked before at a few places but it has only just dawned on me where my tax credits go, and the more I read about it the angrier I get. How do you all stay sane knowing full well that your hard earned cash is being guzzled up by some lazy wanker who cannot be arsed to get a job? I bow before your superior composure.