Saturday, 12 June 2010


13th notes that the PC-brigade is completely bum-shagged now that the entire country is literally veiled in patriotism. 'England is racist against ...erm... England? Take down that flag your racist swine!' - it doesn't really work now does it?

I do not really care if England loses or wins, preferably they would stay in as long as possible because it will make life so much more miserable for the PC-Guardinistas and when they are unhappy I am super happy. Think about it really, there is always cause for celebration when socialists/communists are kept well well away from the helm of influence. They would love to label the country racist, all of it, and then stand upon their fake pedestal of self-righteousness. Only problem is that if you run up to a bloke now and call him racist he and the 20 other fellas with him will probably laugh at you and then pour their lager on your face.


Quiet_Man said...

Not just the Guardianistas, but also the Daily Hate as well. With the Guardian it's definitely racist Englanders, but with the hate it's common chav snobbery, mixed in with the fact that it's England and their flag, bot Britain and flying the Union Flag.
In each case it's utterly pathetic and very much a case of trying to do England and the English down simply for loving their country and being willing to demonstrate it.

subrosa said...

Well said young man. Are the English beginning to stand up for themselves? Good for them.