Sunday, 31 October 2010

How very odd

They are not allowed to show the outline of their bodies (for apparently if they do us men cannot control ourselves and will forthwith rape the lot of them) save for a pillbox-like slit at the eyes and to some extent their hands. But they are allowed to have opinions. Muslim (not Islamic) 'culture' continues to baffle me with its staggering contradictions.

I wonder what Stalin would have answered, with regards to particular aspects of the proles he would remove given the choice: 'opinions' or 'fashion'.


James Higham said...

It does focus on the eyes though which are often beautiful.

13th Spitfire said...

Well yeah sure, but when I consider a women I tend to consider the whole superficial package as well as what is beneath.

Muslim culture appears to believe that women are nothing but meretricious mobile-tents with tiny windows with which to inhale the world around them.

Disgraceful absolutely repugnant if you ask me. Women are equal to men in every single aspect (bar physical), set them free and fuck their ridiculous and disgusting patronising muslim view of women.