Friday, 29 October 2010

The EU and our money

Sold short again then, not much of a surprise there, what is a surprise is that no one can get it into their heads that Cameron is not a eurosceptic and Hague even less so. Of course there is an argument to be made for the "victory". Usually these budget increases go without much event. Instead Cameron went out there, made a case, got support and got some kind of result. £460m is better than £1bn. Slowly, slowly catchy-monkey.

This is an absolutely shit argument because it is the "gentle rape" argument. Surely an oxymoron. Who governs Britain? The EU.

We shall leave one day but it will not be whilst Boy Dave is in charge. He should have walked out. No accounts signed off for 14 years and you say "it's better than a billion". Turkey, Christmas and all that.

Where are we going to get those £460m from then? Well, perhaps if we define the EU as a "failed state" we can divert some DfID money? I am sure it could work. But no; we will just take it from the defence budget or the police budget whichever harms Britain the most.


Autonomous Mind said...

Slowly the scales are beginning to fall from the eyes of those who believed Cameron's spin.

Your post is spot on.

(I've also added you to my blogroll, albeit long overdue).

13th Spitfire said...

A reciprocal action is more than necessary and I thank you for your very kind comments.