Sunday, 17 May 2009

Who Dares Wins

Former SAS-Major John Wick has been revealed to be one of the responsible for the leaking of MP's expenses.

Cash for honours? No, sleaze (a.k.a. public service) for honours.

Give the man a knighthood. He may have weakened parliament, he may have set back the parliamentary process by years but they must know that we do not serve them; they serve us. As long as they are chosen to represent us they will always be vulnerable to our prying eyes - as they should be for we 'still' live in a democracy-ish.

(Someone is bound to say "well he did sell the files so he is really a first-class crook", remember what happened to the dude who exposed the Damian Green affair - got fired. Might as well make a few bucks of the rotting parliament on its way down before its phoenix like rebirth, which will come once all the scum is removed).

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