Friday, 8 May 2009

PC gone so overboard it is sinking

The Queen’s Trinity Cross honour deemed unlawful by Privy Council. Why? Because Muslims and Hindus complained that its Christian name and cross insignia were offensive.

FFS! - For you who do not know what this acronym means, look it up in the Urban dictionary. Suffice to say this humble person wishes we could scroll back to the early 20th century when you were allowed to have things without conformity.

Without making this too much about 'them' and 'us' it cannot be passed by. First and foremost Britain is still a Christian nation; the population at large identify with this religion the most. It is still as far as I am aware the state religion of the UK. But you can be quite sure that the PC brigade will have their way in the coming years. The Privy Council in London has ruled that the decoration is unconstitutional because it discriminates against non-Christians. Aha. Are we to abolish the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force because they kill people? Surely that must be unconstitutional, no? Or maybe we should remove the 'Royal' from each service as it might offend the British republicans.

Stream line everything and society will just become one big bore with no particulars to make it interesting or rather fascinating. Britain is still a very interesting island but much is being done to erode this over inflated sense of achievement - as the Labourites would have you think. After all the British Empire did nothing but evil in the world of the leftists liberals. But for now they are gaining ground it must be said.

* The Law Lords are to be abolished because the Labour government misinterpreted a ECHS court ruling which they should not have given two hoots about anyway. They do not give a shit about what they say with regards to DNA retention but when it comes to altering 800 years of history they are all ears. Hypocrisy at its best ladies and gentlemen.

* Jack Straw initiated a review of the judiciary which resulted in the judges, barristers and other judicial functions loosing their couture and wigs. These may not be the height of vox vogue but it did create a 'hey that is kinda neat' feeling whenever the British judiciary was reviewed by an outsider. The judges et al. loved their costumes but Mr. Straw saw it fit to deprive the particulars of men and women who belittled his supposed intelligence.

* Recall how the Lord Chancellor now as a much more diminished role again we can thank Labour for this one. In their infinite wisdom they screwed up everything in their Constitutional Reform Act 2005. Now Speaker Martin (oh dear) is being trusted to handle some of the responsibilities of the Lord Chancellor.

* The Queen no longer appoints judges on the advice of the Lord High Chancellor. The Judicial Appointments Commission has been given this task. Great ANOTHER commission.

These are just some judicial details which have been given the boot by the Labour government, keen as always to remove any notion of Great Britain as a sovereign nation. Think of all the other social aspects that have shot-down by Labour - it would make you cry. How's that EU rebate coming along Blair? Ohh yes of course I forgot you gave away what Mrs. Thatcher fought so hard to obtain. Good work, good work.

But going back to the ridiculous ruling by the Privy Council (whose chamber is set to move from No. 10 to the new British Supreme Court of Justice). Do we EVER say anything when something the religionistas do happens to offend us? No, rarely because we are so blissfully reserved and have long since replaced our spine with, well, nothing.

If I was to criticise the current process whereby an Indian man is seeking to overturn the nearly century old ban on setting yourself to flames -outside- (I am obviously referring to open-air cremation) I would be called a xenophobic, racist, bigoted, chauvinistic BNP supporter. But without even mentioning the word 'race' (yes, I alluded to his religion is that not allowed?) all I contend is I do not want pieces of cremated people flying around everywhere. What if there are children around? How are you to explain to them, that they might have accidentally inhaled a dead person? Presumably why the ban was put in place in the beginning; because it is a health hazard. Surely the health-and-safety freaks in Whitehall can understand this?

My guess is this: taunting the British now is most likely like playing with fire. There is a lot of bottled up anger kicking about and you would not want to eject all of that at once. This is what happened in Germany 1933 and that ended very badly for everyone. Pray that our next government has the foresight to recuperate the situation and expel the BNP mob to the back corners of the world - where they belong.

People must be allowed to offend one another. If we create a society without any constructive criticism we create a society without fear. This might seem like a good thing but without fear you cannot appreciate happiness nor bravery. They are not mutually exclusive. They both occur at the same time and they must occur at the same time. Otherwise you create a situation where like some parliaments, notably the EU, you have no official opposition and then, in effect, you have an autocracy.

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