Monday, 11 May 2009

The Government will be afraid of its People

I did not intend to write a blog entry today, I am in the middle revision for my exams (Yes, sadly I am student at the height of my career as a professional student and by that virtue exams exams and some more exams). I should say something about the digusting behaviour that has been displayed over the past day at the mother of all parliaments, I should and I could, but I would rather not for it has been reiteraded better elsewhere notably by Douglas Carswell and Daniel Hannan.

Slightly populist to mention these two politicians but there are few other that I care to honour with a mention in this blog. Simply because most of them make me so disappointed and sad (very emotional this stuff) makes me wonder why Cromwell even bothered to say

“we study the glory of god, and the honour and liberty of parliament, for which we unaminously fight, without seeking our own interests....i profess i could never satisfy myself on the justness of this war, but from the authority of the parliament to maintain itself in its rights; and in this cause i hope to prove myself an honest man and single-hearted.”

When today most of his work is being overturned, reversed, backtracked and simply deleted by that loathesome class of people that dare to put "MP" behind their name but challenge other professions, such as engineers, to have their title alleviated to a higher foundation - at least they have earned their title, what have politicians, with notable exceptions, done to earn their "MP"?

Consider for example military officers. They go through very hard training to become what they are; forceful leaders who can, in the heat of battle, stay cool and deliver orders to fufil a victory for their country and men. As a soldier you must recognise this in the form of a salute. It is not some old form of dusty gesture, invented by the likes of Napoleon or Caesar, it is an honour that shows them that you, as an officer, deserve to have that special distinction because of who you are not what you are. You are an officer but with that creed comes great integrity not to say honesty. But the most important thing is that you should never ever expect a salute you have to earn it from your men. Yes, they must by military code salute you when walked past but they do not have to mean it. Soliders are told to call Officers and Warrant Officers "sir" but only a handful of them truly attach any form of significance to their utterances.

Which leads us to the politicians. There are some truly vile people out their who brandish "MP" behind their name, whom I wish nothing short of death for, but being a democrat, I could never stoop that deep as to truly wish my enemy the sword. But it is not my intentions that matter it is my opinion of said man or woman that matters.

We still abode in one of the finest countries on the planet, we still have a parliament which is open and wanting for some real practitioners. Lady Westminster is currently like a burned out old truck, lying ditched by the road side, inhabited by rats and vermin, frogs and leeches - all the unfortunate creatures who did not have the fortune of mother Nature to be blessed with the beauty of the Eagle or the dashing of Pelican. Trucks can be fixed, there are some mighty skilled Mechanics out there despite the shameful shape of our manufacturing industry, who would be more than happy to take this truck, tow it to the garage and with time doing her up again and making her just as new as when she first rolled out of the factory all those years ago. In fact, I hear, some restored vehicles are even better than when they were first introduced to the world. There is not reason why we cannot perform this kind of mechanical miracle upon Lady Westminster ourselves.

But before anything, before we buy the new paint the new wheels and of course the hub caps - we have to flambé the truck, everything that is in it, so that nothing is left but the bare metallic skeleton and from this we shall make the new truck, with the old drawings of course, and she will be grand truly grand. Believe me.

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