Thursday, 14 May 2009

This is what Simon said

"I am old enough to have voted in the EU referendum. At the time nobody told me that the project came in two parts (1) a trading area (disclosed) and (2) the creation of a super state with massive transfers of sovereignty (secret). Had I known about (2) I would have voted against. I have never had the chance to vote on (2). The EU super state project lacks democratic legitimacy.

In the UK there is now only one division in society that counts. The peasant voters are ruled by a small political and media elite (PME), supported by academia and the higher echelons on the public sector, which shares a well defined set of common values. The BBC shines as a beacon of the PME cause which crosses all parties. One of the interesting trends of the last 20 years is the way that the PME has marginalised dissenters in the political process. The tragedy is that the PME governs peasant voters whose values they despise and distrust. For the PME things get worse the further you go north and west of the M25.

The PME is committed to the EU super-state although it well knows that the ignorant peasant voters loathe both the EU project and the arrogant Brussels elite which runs it. The PME cannot risk a referendum on any aspect of the EU because the wretched peasant voters would be guaranteed to vote the “wrong way.”

Part of the frustration of the peasant voters is that, whichever way they vote, the PME always ends up in government. Forget the class war. The PME has triumphed. The PME will inevitably ensure that the European project proceeds in the “correct” direction and there is precious little the peasant voters can do about it. PME 10. Peasant voters 0. Brussels for ever!"

There you have it, along with MI5 meddling with the vote (yes they did, see the cabinet papers which were released in 2000 with regards to the EEC election held in 1972) - the referendum in 1972 held by Heath's government was a gross conduct of deceit and treachery.

Never before did so few decide so much for so many in such a monstrously undemocratic manner. Lying, coercing and deceiving about the contents of a referendum is nothing short of a puppet regime and certainly not better than a dictatorship - an autocracy which puts the good of itself before the welfare of the country.

Shame on them, shame.

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