Sunday, 24 May 2009

The sheer stupidity

This might be a well structured highly planned operation planned by the likes of BNP, Greens or why not UKIP. They are bombarding the newspapers with stories that tell us voters that we should not vote either of them because this and that reason.

By doing this they are reverting back to basic human instincts beaten into us over the years;

if you are told to do one thing you almost automatically do the opposite.

Perhaps this may not be a shadow scheme of any sorts at all, perhaps the newspapers really are that stupid; they keep on printing stories about how we should not elect any of the fringe parties because they are evil or not as good as the main parties.

I am going to go with the latter option. I think the newspapers are just being (big surprise there) sensationalist and jumping on the bandwagon like everyone else.

"Don't vote BNP they are racist" racist maybe but are they stealing taxpayer money? No they are not. If they really had anything to say about the BNP they just need to look at their ridiculous policies on most things - that is enough to break them but since the media is fundamentally retarded it will not do this.

People will go on to think "BNP=racist, well we do have a lot of immigration which the main parties have done nothing about, lets see if they can do anything different."

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