Thursday, 2 December 2010

Global Warming Apology?

I suppose it is too much to ask for an apology from the crazy warmists?

Ours is not a 'House of Commons' - commoners have common sense from whence the parlance is derived. Ours is a House of Fools for they do not represent the people and have not represented the people for a few decades now. Whilst the Union is craving for some proper leadership in tune with the fiddles of the people, we are given nothing but pathetic puppets who would not be able to tell the difference between a spine and a crime, where they forced to do so.

Remarkably they seem to harbour under the illusion that the current status quo will continue.

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Anonymous said...

The emperor has no clothes, but still the warmists (and Clegerron) will not admit they are wrong. Problem is there are too many easy taxes and too much head of steam behind the green energy lobby to turn back now. Despite the fact that global warming/climate change (caused by nasty mankind) being bollocks, the ship cannot turn around otherwise the captain and crew will be embarrassed.
Our only hope is that they can find a way to save their fat faces and gently agree that this is bullshit of the smelliest sort. Or we have a revolution and march on parliament.......that sounds more fun to me! Maybe we can march to protest student protests? ;-)
Britannia Patriot