Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Third Time Student Protests

My parents both worked when they were at university. One of them worked in a pea factory and was a tutor, the other in a pub, as a tutor and a delivery boy. The spare time they had, they had to study. They both left with good degrees and no debt. I work as well during my degree, granted it is not enough but one does try.

Look at all the photos of today's protests and you will see that generally these are people from the 'Socialist Worker's Party' student section. I tore down their posters at my university because they were an incitement of violence. I speculated as to whether I should leave my email or not so that they could contact me, but I decided against it. Somehow I cannot see 'fair-play' being in their dictionary. Yes, I know it does not really square with my liberal tendencies but they are really starting to piss me off right now.

We are not all like this, do remember that, most fellow student bloggers that I know share my disposition and disgust towards our "comrades" who have taken to the streets. These "students" should just get over themselves. Most countries do not pay grants or give loans to students, so they have to pay their own way. Look at America, apart froma very few scholarships, students work their way through college/university, usually at menial jobs. Like my parents, mine is not menial at all, I quite enjoy my job actually, and they are not hard to come by what I do.

What these "students" protestors all have in common is that most of them have probably never done a single days worth of honest labour in their lives. Yet they have the stomach to call for free education. Why they fuck should it be free? If you want it you pay for it.


The Filthy Engineer said...

I heartily agree with you. Two of my kids have been through Uni. Although I have supported them financialy as best as I could, they never treated it as a free lunch.

And they both took real degrees with long hours of studies. The daughter has a maths degree and the son has a masters in chemistry.

13th Spitfire said...

My parents are similar with me, and I am doing a real science degree as well.

sike said...

the SWP has always had a large budget for posters and propaganda.Who funds them? I am certain that they don't finance that from their newspaper sales.

Davieboy said...

Very well said, I applaud your sentiments.
Good luck with your studies; the UK needs as many good scientists as we can get!

James Higham said...

Yeah but you're rare.

selsey.steve said...

Two daughters, one studying for an MBA the other for a Law degree. I'm paying for just about everything as we were an expatriate until recently and do not 'qualify' for any assistance. My overseas service included wearing the Crown on my cap-badge but I've been told that that does not count!
It's hard, but we will get there.