Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Well done fellow students

You well and truly fucked that up didn't you? What is the name of Chancellor of the Exchequer now again? Eh? Perhaps if they got their basic spelling right before going on a parade, supposedly, in the name of education people would take them a bit more seriously. What is more, they storm the Tory HQ. Who was it exactly who introduced fees in the first place? I guess the socialist and self-righteous fuckers who unfortunately share the same denominator as myself, conveniently and appropriately ignored that little piece of history and focused on the "nasty Tories" instead. Fucking idiots you are, the lot of you.

Who is going to pay for your free-education then you reckon? The state? You see we are spending £200bn on welfare and another £100bn on NHS. But if we try to slice some of those then you are all up in arms as well. How the flying fuck are we supposed to conduct our business then if you fucking little socialist utopia does not satisfy every boundary condition?

Idiots. Plain idiots. None of you will get a job because none of you have studied things which anyone else cares about, anyone who is on the productive sector of society. You cannot get hired by the state anymore because they are offloading 500,000 people for being utterly useless. Ergo you are all royally fucked and that makes me happy. Perhaps if you adopted some common sense once in a while and an ounce of economic literacy then you could maybe see what everyone else is seeing; we are skinned.

Why should your education be free anyway? In which great document of state does it say that the state must provide free education for its citizens? If you are so fucking passionate about Shakespeare's sonnets then you pay to study them. I pay to learn about science. Those who cannot afford to pay will get help from the state. What is all the fuss about?

Your party [Labour] started this mess. Take your blame game and shove it up your ass because as usual you have got it all completely wrong.


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Derek said...

So what was achieved here - more work for glaziers and decorators, is that what the demo was for - create some more income at whose expense? The tax payer.

Looks like there were a few wishing to be anonymous amongst them.

Anonymous said...

These young people are deluded; they’ve been sold a false dream.

There is no industry in the UK and the public sector can not be sustained as a result.

If they are angry now then look out in the years to come after years of joblessness.

Anonymous said...

I read today that in the 1970s there were 620,000 university students (on state grants). Now there are 2,780,000 - not receiving grants but still costing the taxpayer a lot of money and piling up student loan debts which hamstring the best years of their early working lives and which will probably affect our future economy as their disposable incomes will be far less during the repayment period.
In my view we need to get back to around having 700,000 to 1,000,000 people doing university courses because, historically, that is around the number of people in a population of c.60,000,000 who really have the intelligence to go to university and do courses that have real merit e.g. history, English, science subjects, engineering, technology, etc. All courses such as media studies, social work, politics, et al are really just self indulgent or unnecessary or simply vocational courses, in my view. Such courses are almost worthless to the nation (mainly providing the relevant qualifications for social workers, civil and public service non-jobbers, BBC, political class, etc.) These courses are probably one of the key causes of our decline as these are the types of course that are taught to spawn the trendy-lefty, anti-western, communist-Marxist-anarchist type of student (and their professors and lecturers).
Free education ain't free, someone, me, the taxpayer, pays for it and I don't want to pay for lazy, feckless, self indulgent, self regarding, over pampered, entitlement demanding students who should be working their arses off like 13th.

Britannia Patriot