Sunday, 4 July 2010

A pathetic tirade of the Right righteous

There is a rather ridiculous thread, doing the rounds over at ConservativeHome. It explains why the 'right' is always right and the 'left' always wrong. It is this kind of monumentally ridiculous arrogance which has left Britain a desolate shadow of her former self. I am as right-wing as they come but never would I stand upon the apex and proclaim myself Lord Protector of the world - omnipotent and omniscient. I thought this kind of breathtaking stupidity was the preserve of the left. Clearly the idiocy has spread to the 'right' as well.

Lets just have a quick recap of why both the 'left' and the 'right' are equally superfluous in the wanting for perspective.

The “Left” (the Labour Party) have got most things wrong but so, at least since the mid 1950s, have the “right” (the Conservative Party). It was the “Right" that took us into the Suez campaign and then lost its nerve when we were within 48 hours of retaking the complete canal.

It was the "Right" who pushed independence upon the African colonies long before they were able to run themselves with disastrous results for the people of those colonies.

It was the "Right" that took us into the “Common Market”, thus wrecking British agriculture, destroying our fishing fleet and costing all of us £billions ever since (net cost now £6bn pa and going on £10bn pa).

It was the “Right” that signed up to the Single European Act and then Maastricht, giving away our democracy to an unelected, self perpetuating, obligingly.

It was the "Right" and "Left" together, with the aim of keeping wage levels of the “workers” low, who pursued policies of flooding the country with unskilled third world and now Eastern European immigrants.

It was the “Right” and “Left” who together decided that we could do without serious industry other than the City and banking.

It is the "Right” and “Left” who have together decided to subsidise uneconomic intermittent wind energy to the tune of several hundreds of £billions; the consequential doubling or tripling in electricity costs which will destroy what remains of our industry.

So I have no hesitation in wishing a plague on both the houses of the "Left" and the "Right".


Witterings from Witney said...

Nice 'take' on the subject 13th.

13th Spitfire said...

Cheers mate, though you need no lecture on what I talking about.

All Seeing Eye said...

I haven't made my daily trip to CH yet so I will look at that thread with interest.

My first take on your post, though, is that there is a difference between Right-In-Power and Right-Grassroots.

You're correct the the Right-In-Power made the mistakes you list, but the Right-Grassroots have shown themselves to be more anti SEA, Maastricht, CAP, CFP than their leaders reflect in office. Indeed on the measurable points you make, grassroots have been at odds with their leadership and also broadly correct.

It's fair to argue that the lefts activists aren't reflected by their leadership too - esp in the LDs - so a similar case can be made on that side of the spectrum.

Now to head over to CH and get stuck in....

All Seeing Eye said...

Took a look at CH but "Jack Stone" is all over the place like a bad suit so gave up.

All in all I much prefer your analysis.

GoodnightVienna said...

Well said, 13th. There hasn't been a right or left for some time - only people against the state, in that no matter the colour of govt they just go their own way eventually. Before the GE I'd hoped this would change, but it hasn't. The coalition shows that centrist, consensual policies are here to stay, no matter what the people vote for. We're all going to be living in harmony - whether we like it or not :-)

Witterings from Witney said...

Coupled with "Well said 13th" GV, I think Well said GV is also in order

Anonymous said...

Not sure about your assessment of the right. If we had stayed in African countries for longer we would probably have had to fight against some very nasty freedom fighters who did not want us there. That would have got us bogged down in colonial wars we did not want and could not fight.
As for your assessment of the right and Europe - spot on. Agree.Edward Heath was a Europhile and screwed this country over big time.

Mark @ Israel said...

That's a fair analysis with regards to "left and right" leanings. But most of the time, the leftist had made a great number of erroneous decisions over the years.