Friday, 23 July 2010

Thank god socialists are so stupid

The media represents that famed tolerance, where you must tolerate everything, which means you stand for nothing, but if anybody descents to this valueless nation then this famed tolerance is found to have little substance, for these dissenters must be denounced in the most forthright terms, and shame of all shames be denounced as a racist. Just like we had the witch finder generals in the 16th centaury, the party activists in Mao's cultural revolution, children in Poll Pots regime, now in the brave New Britain we have the left-wing media seeking out the Multicultural deniers.

Well sorry Guardian, go shove your racist accusation, for just like the boy who cried wolf, the politically correct multiculturalists have devalued the accusation, it might send what ever comrades gathering you frequent into apoplexy, but not for the rest of us. And the rest of are the majority of us.

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