Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Moderate Islam - where to be found?

To me at least it is clear that what has become known as Islam is stretching our tolerance to its limit.

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opsimath said...

Moderate islam is a construct of those who would have us believe in multi-culturalism and all the rest of that PC nonsense.

islam is not a religion - more a disease; there is nothing moderate about it; they are taught to hate us at their mothers' knee, in their madrasas, their mosques and in the soi-disant MCB.

We forget this at our peril; + in hoc signo vinces+.

James Higham said...

Frankly, 13th Spitfire, we are in the war zone, the zone of Islamic attack - they don't do this in areas which are coming under their control already.

There is a three way war - Them, including Cameron, the EU etc., Islam and then us. We are about ready to hit the streets.