Sunday, 7 March 2010

The last shards of yesteryear

This is not one of those posts where I shall try to impose upon the reader a shocking piece of disbelief yet again washed up upon these, oh so cold shores. No, I will not join in on the recycling of arguments and information that makes up a great deal of blogging. A lot of us just comment upon the news that are dug up each day by journalists and we mostly claim that their conclusions are crap and wholly biased in favour of their political stamp. Sure, we are probably right most of the time but certainly wrong a lot of it as well. What baffles me is why we continuously seek out misery, why there is an urge to find what is so wrong with this country. We probably wont be able to fix it and the few people who would have serious shot at fixing the country, whether left or right wing, will not be given a chance because the media has labelled them 'extreme'.

But in the hype of 21st century Britain where everything is racist and everyone is politically correct, I do not really think there are any grounds at all for calling anyone racist. Newspapers often come out with grandiose comments on why this or that person is bad, based on their quickly polled focus grouped opinions. For you see it is not their opinions they are conveying in that comment, no, it is opinions of the focus group whom they commissioned to make the opinions for them. Me on the other hand, well, let just put it this way; I think most of what comes out of the media is pure BS and as a result I fall out with a lot of people. Mostly people who cannot really accept the prospect of the media being wrong, hence mostly people for whom independent thought is an alien concept altogether.

Virgil said that fortune favours the brave, but what do you do when there are no brave men left to favour? I do not even know why I am writing this, there is really nothing of interest in these incoherent words that are dressed up as factual criticism of an established political elite that has done its utmost to destroy a country which previously boasted of having the best ubiquitous quality in its people, ingrained since the dawn of England and Britain; fair-play. There is not even a struggle anymore, just the slow silent march towards consent, in whatever form it may be.


subrosa said...

The social engineering of this country is nearly complete. We only have ourselves to blame for not questioning.

13th Spitfire said...

Yes, I agree.