Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Compare the Navies! (no this is not about the movie Avatar)


28,000 personnel
65 aircraft
5 Frigates
3 Corvettes
26 Submarines
24 Fast Attack Craft
98 Large Patrol craft
+100 light missile boat
16 Hovercraft


324,466 active duty personnel
284 ships
3,700+ aircraft
11 Aircraft carriers
9 Amphibious assault ships
8 Amphibious transport docks
12 Dock landing ships
22 Cruisers
60 Destroyers
27 Frigates
75 Submarines

Who would 'win'?


James Higham said...

They have Mohammed, peace be upon him, on their side.

Seaman Staines said...

It depends on what you mean by winning I suppose. Have we won in Iraq or Afghanistan ?
Total destruction of countries that have never harmed us. Creating millions more who hate us.
So we'll 'win' in Iran as well but we'll be in more danger than before. Our new puppet government will help themselves to our 'aid'. The people will unite with previous enemies to rally against us.
A phyrric victory I suppose. And perfectly acceptable to our elite who will profit. Paid for through more taxes and less freedom for us proles who will pay for it with our blood and treasure.
Perpetual war is necessary because when the music stops there's nothing left for the West apart from a speedy collapse.

Joe Public said...

Iran only needs to sink one infidel vessel, and it'll have"won" the muslim propaganda war.

Anonymous said...

The North Vietnamese didn't do too badly.

Anonymous said...

It depends. Just ask General Van Riper.

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