Saturday, 31 December 2011

What a stupid stupid woman...

No, it is not Marry fucking Riddell actually it is the Toynbee woman this time.
In my political lifetime, I have never seen a more callous or inept crew in charge
Or, in my political lifetime I have never seen a government dealt such a rotten hand, with no easy solutions, no money to spend, no joy to bring and nothing feasible to offer but misery.

Still, let's pretend that's not true eh?

Though I suppose the article might be half convincing if:

a) other countries all over the world were boosting welfare spending. In reality most are imposing far more severe cuts than the present UK government,

b) Ms Toynbee ever had a good word to say about any Tory leader still alive, and

c) the prevalence of a culture where people see others live off a multiplicity of benefits which rewards them far more than any job they have any serious prospect of holding down is truly the myth that it is widely claimed to be by all leftist social commentators (and which directly contradicts the experience of most 'normal' citizens).


Jim said...

It wouldn't matter if the Coalition were borrowing billions more and shoving it wallets of benefits claimants. Reality matters not a jot to the Left. 'Its the evil Tories innit?' and thats all there is to it. A government with Tories in it is de facto purposely trying to grind the poor into the dirt so they can drink champagne and go foxhunting. Nothing else fits their mental map of the world. If they accepted the current government was doing pretty much the best that could be hoped for given the circumstances(everyone still getting enough to get by on, the nation hasn't descended into anarchy - neither of which is guaranteed by the way), then they would be forced to accept that the Left is not morally superior after all. And that would destroy their entire self image.

So away the facts and on with the cartoon stereotyping!!

Anonymous said...

Sad I know but my oldest friend is a complete Guardian reading lefty. Stuck somewhere in the late seventies, his argument is that the left is not just morally superior but the "intelligent" choice. Thank Gawd he lives in abroad and we can keep our distance and, therefore, our friendship.

His parents died over the course of the last three years. Did he forgo his inheritance as he should as a good Socialist? Renounce this unearned inequality?

Did he fuck. He got cosmetic surgery!

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