Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stolen Christmas Falklands Thoughts

1. What makes anybody think the US will help us?
2. They stitched us up in Suez.
3. They sat on their hands in the Falklands.
4. They sent guns to the IRA.

That is indeed a very special relationship, much like the one where the spouse is trying to, slowly, but surely, suffocate, his other half.

Really, why does Britain have so many useful idiots?

For example...


fairs fair said...

They did give us the sidewinders for the Harriers.

And all the intel from their listening post on Ascension.

And access to their fuel dumps for the Vulcan support aircraft (12 Victors).

Sparrow said...

I believe they also provided "intel" about the invasion before it happened, but this was ignored which led to a minister resigning after it happened.

This feels like the last time a minister resigned over a failure of his department...

Anonymous said...

Reagan is also said to have told his Defence Secretary, Caspar Weinberger, to let the British have whatever they wanted. It didn't come to that, happily that time.
This time the US government, and its advisers, are all a different breed (Homo-leftorus, mainly) so we should not expect any material assistance but plenty of advice to let the UN sort it out.
We also do not have the firepower to reinforce or retake the islands if they came under pressure or were invaded and the garrison managed to hold out for a couple of weeks.
There airforce and navy are a nor up to much still, but they have the numbers; four Typhoons are a formidable opponent and might do a lot of damage to the Argie air force, but they will probably be shot down or destroyed on the ground in the end.

Cameron and this government are a continuation of the gradual left-wing trend of the UK - we are mostly socialist in our thinking because of so many decades of the welfare state. We have forgotten what it is like to stand on our own two feet and work hard and provide for our own rather than have the state spoon feed us into slavery.

Where the hell is our Churchill!!



Whilst stationed at Camp Pendleton in California during the Falklands War, we were gearing up and staging to go in on the British side and I even saw Tommies riding around in M151 jeeps with Union Jacks on the windshield. Guys out at the Amtrac Basin told me we were showing the Brits how to destroy our own amphibious tractors 'cuz these were what the Argentinians were using.

Probably the closest I ever came to going to war.