Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Brave New (Labour) World

Well, if you are still undecided whether to vote Labour or not perhaps this final piece of garbage can convince you to vote anything but. This is what the public sector has become under New Labour. And I quote from this jobs add:
Assistant Director - Adult Services

Posted: 27 Apr 2010
Contact: Julia St Clare
Location: Greater London - South London
Government - Local government
Senior executive - Government
Social care - Adults
Contract: Permanent
Hours: Full Time
Salary: Salary up to £94K
Let me highlight that figure for you : £94K

Whoever takes office in the next few days know this; we cannot afford a minute let alone five more years of this inglorious excuse for HM Government. Hence if by some miracle (or fraud* which is far likelier) Labour win on friday I honestly do think that will be it for the British electorate. Protests, even British ones (yes I know, it is almost an oxymoron), have a very high probability. Bring on the soma.

*In London the Metropolitan police have received 28 complaints across 12 boroughs and launched five investigations – one in Ealing and four in Tower Hamlets, which has a history of problems with electoral fraud. West Yorkshire police have received 19 complaints and launched five investigations across Bradford and Calderdale, where two arrests have been made. A little analysis of the areas listed reveals an interesting correlation. A correlation that the Guardian 'appears' to have somehow totally missed.

'Ealing' - Ealing Southall - is a Labour seat; 'Tower Hamlets' could be one of two seats: Poplar & Canning, which is Labour seat, or Bethnal Green which Labour are just desperately keen to pinch back from George Galloway; 'Bradford' Well, that could be one or more of three: Bradford North, which is Labour, Bradford West, which is a Labour seat and Bradford South which is another Labour seat. And as for 'Calderdale' - Calder Valley - you may be astonished to learn this, but that seat is held by Labour. Can you see how these seats might have come to be held by Labour? Can you see how they might manage to retain them in Thursday's election? Does, in short, a pattern begin to emerge?

(Hat-tip Constantly Furious who valiantly summarised above foot-note to which there really was not much to add).

UPDATE: I have decided that after friday I am sending out about 20 FoI:s to the compromised seats, with regards to their electoral rolls. That will be my summer, going through numbers to pinpoint precisely where fraud took place and if it significantly affected the outcome of that seat. Expect a full report in September.


James Higham said...

Well spotted. Says it all.

Indyanhat said...

Good luck with the figure work, I hope you get enough to hang someone or two!

Anonymous said...


makes you want to cry - some small parties work so hard for ever single vote, one by one. Then we have one pokey three bedroom council flat with 20 labour votes alone. So much for democracy.