Sunday, 16 May 2010

Fight on your feat or Live on your knees

What a fucking joke the Conservative Party has become. The only solace that one can take from this is that once there is a new leader he wont be anything but a proper conservative - he would not dare be anything else. Of course by the time that happens, there probably wont be a Conservative party.

If it is not blindingly obvious I just happen to be one of those "right-wing grassroots" that everyone is talking about, and how they will revolt, and we have; here I am revolting. I find Mr. Cameron even more pathetic than I did a year ago but at least now I am 'revolting' about it. I suppose it does feel good to have your long standing scepticism confirmed once and for all. To the rest of my fellow grassroots, if any, please step our of Mr. Cameron's ass for just one second, and realise that you have been royally shafted; there is nothing conservative about the current government and that is the way it was intended. I do not base this upon a Daily Mail article, no, but on every single reaction so far being of muted scepticism from Liberal Democrats. Of course you wont be hearing a lot of noise from the "official" grassroots retreat on the internet, they, you understand, 'support' Mr. Cameron even though he has nothing but contempt for them it would seem. Good thing the new intake of MPs are a lot more independent than the last, three line whip or not, if Mr. Cameron does not take care he will be whipped - out of office, and not too soon either.

Alas, in the meantime, until they get rid of that ridiculous poster boy fronting as a conservative (Mr. Cameron) I think I am going to be an independent. Something of a pseudo-mix of UKIP, American Republicanism (monarchist I remain nonetheless) and a large dose of Libertarian. Same principles but different name, now that my normal abode has been invaded.

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James Higham said...

More than a joke. In following this man, they are also losing any conservatism they may have laid claim to, as you pointed out.