Thursday, 22 January 2009


Right, I intend to take this section seriously this time - previously I have just randomly tried to write profound things without any relevance to anything at all. But not this time. Lets begin, I am going to be anonymous - believe you me when I say that. To many good people have been screwed over by equally bad people for voicing their opinion and with the libel laws in this country I think this is only a natural and wise position to adopt.

I am a university student who (rather annoyingly sometimes) has an opinion on everything. Based in the UK and primarily interest myself with what goes on over here. Hence for the people who come to sue me for defamation I can calmly tell you this; get a court order or more importantly get a life. Suing a poor student because your under-compensated ego is famished? No sir, grow a pair and grow them fast, there are more people with more opinions than you can possibly imagine, I only happen to be one of them.

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