Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We can see you...

This blog has been going strong now for a good few years, in fact throughout my time at university which is slowly nearing its end. It was set-up with the intent of promoting the destruction of the EU in every form, having realised early on that such a sinister project and ploy had been given far too much space by pushy politicians with broken moral compasses.

And to this we add the latest gimmick that there is suddenly a new grouping in Westminster that is supposedly 'eurosceptic' (don't flatter yourself boys; real eurosceptics know what a kin looks like and you are not one). First of all before we go into to the details of this absolutely non-sensical prospect lets consider the media.

Whenever ministers or a group of say more than 10 people aspire to convene or project something akin to real conservative principles the media have something not too dissimilar to a political erection. The like and metaphor of which would not even be tolerated in the most violent pornographic flicks. Even the adult entertainment world has the sense not to go too far in its sexual exploration for it can be dangerous to accommodate every single fetich in the world. By strange comparison the British media has no such reservations with its response to political events. Instead they go 'all-in' and respond with grandiose and euphemistic pieces of how all of a sudden, we have a minister, a true leader, who has finally seen the light and wisdom of the electorate.

Yet they do not even wonder why it has taken more than 38 years for a seemingly clever person to reach the conclusion that the EU is not good for Europe nor mankind and particularly not the latter.

Hence one should always take the media with a couple of pounds of salts for they are unbelievably gullible and are very much signed up to the party line, and as such will offer no real journalism and criticism where it is truly due and needed.

We do not need celebratory gunshots from hacks who think they have spotted what might be perceived as a bit of right-wing leg, we want to know that if that is really what it is then why the flaming feck has it not been shown before? Why all of a sudden? Do they think we are so stupid that we can see or feel political expediency when it is being shoved down or neck on a daily basis?

Then of course we have the hacks who have had a sudden epiphany, a change or heart or a change in salary is more likely. Either way one must question the reason for reading such tosh when the authors revise one of their most fundamental principles (vis a vis that the EU is a force for good) in the face of mounting opposition from, well, everyone. But it is not just that, a truly brave journalist, and one worth reading, would be he who dared stand his ground and defend his principles. Surely, one must be allowed to trust in and believe in the EU as a force for good, most electorates of most countries would disagree, but a brave man nonetheless. And one whose's opinions would be worth reading.

But this, this sudden outburst or patriotism? Jingoism? Bellicosity? I do not know what to call it. Either way this government has given away more power to the EU in a shorter timeframe than any other government before them, yet they want us to believe that overnight they rediscovered their people, their real political creed, the flag and most importantly their principles.

They truly do take us for fools.

I am often rather upset by Mr North's constant cynicism towards the ultimate goal of cutting loose the chimera that is the EU from the UK. Surely someone somewhere must be doing something good to further that goal? I am always pleasantly surprised whenever I read anything regarding a politician picking a fight with the EU, and then of course I go to Mr North's blog to find out what is actually going on. The truth is he has been playing this game much longer than me, and he knows the EU better than quite frankly anyone. Though I fully intend to have an autonomous mind, I am of the opinion that when a man has been vindicated as many times as Mr North one should really start to heed his words. And they are easy enough to replicate; this is the most europhile government we have ever had, the Tories are not eurosceptic and they will never ever hold an in/out referendum.


James Higham said...

This so called Tory Party now is certainly not conservative.

ANDY5759 said...

The Conservatives have drifted so far from their roots that they are to the left of where an old fashioned Labour Party would stand. Is it true that we are sleepwalking into serfdom under the EUSSR?

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sleepwalking.. amazing))) I think so!

Steve M said...

Sleepwalking? Yes. Hynotised? Definitely!

No political party has EVER given the British people a say on whether we join or advance in a Common Market/ EEC / EU.

The 1975 referendum to stay or leave was rigged, like any referendum that may happen will be.

We're talking of BILLIONS to bail out Greece, while the EU ban's light bulbs and stops people with diabetes from driving (over 29,000!) Is that the "trading club" we joined in 1971?

Edward Spalton said...

Steve M,
You are right about the rigging in '75. The CIA funded the European Movement. The documents of the operation are at Georgetown University USA (or were in 2000)

13th Spit
Having been involved in the fight to leave the EU for nearly 30 years, I don't find Richard North discouraging - merely realistic. I have been accused of defeatism myself because I pointed out that a referendum would not win itself.We are up against people who think in decades and have the leisure and our money to do so thoroughly.

However, the EU is showing itself to be unmanageable and incompetent. Like Marxism, europhilia depends on a feeling of superior knowledge and being "on the side of history". So I think we may be at the equivalent stage to where those communist sympathisers suddenly realised that those statistics of tractor production were not reliable.
Once disbelief starts, it will spread.