Friday, 9 September 2011

Smear by Association

UKIP scares the bejeesus out of the three main parties and their shills in the media because on their big single issue they better represent the opinion of the majority of the British public, as demonstrated in opinion poll after opinion poll. It's therefore necessary to denigrate them wherever possible and to portray a party which represents a wholly mainstream view of the EU as "xenophobic" if not outright "racist" in order to make it seem beyond the pale and unacceptable by association.

This media strategy is so blindingly obvious and, to judge from those same opinion polls on public attitudes towards the EU, not in the least successful.

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selsey.steve said...

Our present government has pushed me so far that I now consider Genghis Khan to epitomise what constitutes a pinko-liberal wimp.
It is completely apparent to any reasonably well-informed observer that no-one, either in government or in opposition, has any intention whatsoever to stand up to the rapidly encroaching complete take-over of this once United Kingdom by Herman von Rumpy-Pumpy and his money-sucking minions.
I am becoming more and more convinced that only armed insurrection is going to change that which so afflicts this once green and pleasant land.

w/v euredu